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  • extensive annotated bibliography

    My goal is to make an annotated bibliography of all the Sabbath articles, reviews, interviews, books, etc. that are out there. Would any of you be interested in helping me compile this by submitting the pertinent information? I would probably host it on google docs as I compile, and eventually put it on my website.

    An entry would like something like this:

    Bangs, Lester. 1972. “Bring Your Mother to the Gas Chamber Part Two: Black Sabbath and the Straight Dope on Blood-Lust Orgies.” Creem, July: 47–49, 78–80.
    Review of (probably) March 22, 1972 show in Detroit. Interview with Ozzy from probably earlier that March. Discussion of drug-themed lyrics.

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    Bumping this thread up for anyone who could help out Nolanstolz.
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