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  • Bill Ward interview

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    Really cool interview. Thanks! Here's a rundown of what was talked about.

    3:00 - 15:40 Bill talks about his early childhood, how he got introduced to drumming and jazz

    15:40 - 26:32 Pre-Black Sabbath: Bill's early bands with Tony (The Rest and Mythology), blues and rock influences, Earth

    26:32 - 34:36 Black Sabbath's sound and Bill's contributions to it (Wicked World, Black Sabbath, War Pigs, Hand of Doom)

    34:36 - 39:48 Influences for Bill while in Black Sabbath including John Bonham playing on his drum kit

    39:48 - 50:24 Back to Sabbath's sound and Bill's drumming (Iron Man, Electric Funeral, Snowblind/Cornucopia, Air Dance)

    50:24 - 53:35 Sabbath's and Bill's sound with Ronnie James Dio, American musicians "playing on one"

    53:35 - 1:02:18 Going back to swing and jazz (A Song for Jim), Day of Errors, Bill Ward Band

    1:02:18 - 1:09:01 Death metal reminds Bill of Sabbath, Sabbath's legacy to metal music, open to playing with Black Sabbath again


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      Great Dante !!. Bill even compliments Ozzy.


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        Thanks for the breakdown for what's said in the interview, Dante!

        Bill complimenting Ozzy is pretty neat as well. Leaves me hopeful for Sabbath's future.
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        and look to the future, 'cause life goes too fast, you know♫


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          Bill is such a good guy and a great drummer Still to this day, I am looking forward to some more DOE music.


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            Great interview, thanks for posting it.


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              Originally posted by sellingmysoul View Post
              Thank you for posting this great interview Sellingmysoul, always love hearing Bill talk, he so intelligent and well spoken and gets in depth with his description of his playing and songs, and love that he mentions Airdance, one of my favorite songs on NSD! Also love he talks about Ronnie and his explanation for not liking the way Ronnie did things musically, not Ronnie himself.
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