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Ozzy has Parkinsons Disease

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  • Ozzy has Parkinsons Disease

    It's a mild form of the disease

    Ozzy Osbourne has revealed in an emotional new interview that he has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.
    My name is Lucifer please take my hand.

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    That's sad, but I'm glad he revealed it publicly. I wish him all the best.
    ♫Forget all your sorrow, don't live in the past,
    and look to the future, 'cause life goes too fast, you know♫


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      Sad to hear about another health problem, just as everything seemed to be better with his health and with the album made out of the blue and coming out soon.

      It's clear none of us gets any better by age - it's just how we get older, some with less problems, some with more of them. Ozzy seems to be getting one problem after another...maybe it's a call from above.

      It seems that if you want to see Ozzy live on stage, this is the year to make it happen. 50 years have gone since the debut album - no-one would have believed that Ozzy's ride would last this long! The upcoming album is most likely the last one from Ozzy, but I'm glad to hear these new tunes that sound so great and give me the impression that this album will be a huge last hurrah for our beloved Prince of Darkness.

      What makes me really glad amidst Ozzy's hardships is the line he gave us: "This album was a gift from my higher power — it is proof to me that you should never give up". I know God is this higher power (there are no other powers that are higher) and that He will never give up on Ozzy or anyone else - I pray that Ozzy finds God's grace and peace, maybe he has found them already!

      "He is the King of all kings, the keeper of light...He holds eternity's wings"


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        Ozzy really needs weed now!!!
        Do you hear the thunder raging in the sky?
        Premonition of a shattered world thatís gonna die.
        In the age of reason, how do we survive?
        The protocols of evil ravaging so many lives?


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          Terrible news...
          you got a killer scene there, man...