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Favorite covers of Sabbath songs?

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  • Favorite covers of Sabbath songs?

    Sorry if this is a topic that has been posted before.

    Anyway, just as the title says, any favorite covers of Sabbath songs?

    Even though I don't really listen to this band, Cake did a cool cover of War Pigs.
    Also, I love Megadeth's rendition of Paranoid, plus the live audio they released of their Never Say Die cover. You can tell they had a lot of fun doing it.

  • #2
    Pantera - Electric Funeral, Planet Caravan
    Cathedral - Solitude
    Candlemass - Black Sabbath Medley
    Monty Python and the Holy Grail pic extravaganza!


    • #3
      I prefer covers that don't sound exactly like the original.

      Elis - Heaven and Hell
      Overkill - Changes
      The Cardigans - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and Iron Man
      Type O Negative - Black Sabbath (both versions)
      Acid Drinkers - N.I.B.
      Lisa Ljungberg - Air Dance
      White Zombie - Children of the Grave
      Robb Flynn - Die Young
      Zakk Wylde - The Wizard
      Ultraviolence - Paranoid
      Black Label Society - Junior's Eyes
      1000 Homo DJs - Supernaut
      System of a Down - Snowblind
      Mario Parga - Scarlet Pimpernel


      • #4
        After Forever by Bio Hazard
        Sabbra Cadabra (Killing Yourself to Live) by Metallica

        - there may be others I like on the Nativity in Black tribute album but I haven't listened to it in a long time.