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  • Black Sabbath Medley

    Tony threw out this video on his social channels a little bit ago, the thing is badass. Check this out:

    Covers virtually every song. For those who would snark and say it's not "Every" song, he mentions that in the description for the video. I commented he should do a postscript video to clean up and get all the others...

    Hey everyone! Today, 13th February 2020, is the 50th anniversary of Black Sabbath's first album being released. My favourite band! I thought it would be a fitting tribute to create a medley of one riff from each of their songs* to celebrate their career. I hope you enjoy!

    A big thank you to Dom from Gracenote Studios for helping me create the backing track and filming at his premises.

    *I know I left out Solitude, Changes, Some Kind of Woman, Psycho Man, Selling My Soul, The Devil Cried, Shadow of the Wind and Ear in the Wall. I also didn't include the songs from The Devil You Know.
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    I'm 10 minutes in listening to it, it's truly impressive so far! I'm familiar with all the source material so it's pretty nice listening to it in this medley format!
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