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  • Originally posted by Pink Led Rush Dio View Post
    Yeah, I think it's on the one from Sweden, but I don't have that one so I don't know for sure. I don't think it's of great quality though.
    Nope, Neon Knights was introduced on the second leg of the US tour, as mentioned above. The gig in Sweden was the second on the tour, and mostly featured Born Again material, no dio era stuff (mb was too soon from his departure haha). The show is great, Born Again, Keep it Warm etc :D great great stuff!
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    • Originally posted by Jansa72 View Post
      That's interesting. Is Neon Knights on any bootleg? I'd love to hear it.
      Yup, there are many shows from 1984. Neon Knights was played as the opening number.


      • Originally posted by Jansa72 View Post
        That's interesting. Is Neon Knights on any bootleg? I'd love to hear it.

        Its performed at the San Francisco show. Unfortunatly its not a very good sounding boot, at least the one I have heard.
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        • The second disc is awesome. Great job, folks. Two complaints, though:

          1. On Black Sabbath, the song, they edited out the best laughter ever from Gillan right after "Satan sitting there, he's smiling ...";
          2. The band had left stage and Gillan says "Black Sabbath, please!". That one has been removed also.

          To bad, as both make the whole thing awesome.


          • Born Again

            I have always enjoyed the album,so have bought the deluxe version to save the old vinyl,thought there was some v underrated tracks on it.
            However I bought it really for disc 2 Reading,I was there that night and have long held the belief it was the worst performance I have ever been to,yes I have seen worse but I was looking forward to seeing Sabbath again so coupled with disappointment it rates number 1.I think the cd flatters what was played that night,as I remember the sound was poor,Gillan forgot some of the words which I think explains the odd whistle from him,and lets not mention the stage set.
            But I have being enjoying the cd,has age finally withered my memory or did they actually play okay just the sound let them down.Either way I find my self loving the riff to Zero The Hero all over again,perhaps a ghost laid to rest.


            • I am, in the words of Kevin Kline, DISAPPOINTED!

              I held off on buying this album for as long as I've been a Black Sabbath fan because I wanted the best sounding version possible. I understood and accepted this latest release wouldn't be the long-promised remix because of the missing master tapes, but I nonetheless hoped the new remastering would improve things more than a little.

              Again, the depths of my own naivete astound even me. This thing sounds like it was recorded at the bottom of a river. There are some great songs buried beneath the murk, but the final product remains one of the worst mixed albums in the history of music. I think I'll hunt down the '96 Castle version, parts of which I've heard on various compilations over the years, instead. At least they *tried* to clean the thing up and make it somewhat listenable.
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              • I got my copy last earlier this week and been listening to it ever since.

                Really good remaster, clearly better than the old Castle one that I had. To my ears anyways.

                The bonus disc is well done as well. I had the radio broadcast before but this is quite a bit better naturally. One thing that I would change however is The Falling and Stonehenge should be on disc 1 and listed as bonus songs. It would just help with the flow of the thing...

                The package is good, but perhaps little less rare pictures than on the other DE's also the lack of the plastic cover still bothers me.