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Dave Donato says no to donuts

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  • Dave Donato says no to donuts

    In the excellent Garry Sharpe-Young's book "Never Say Die! 1979-1997" Donato says this: "...recently I saw some stuff on the internet about me which was just horseshit, just a misinformed guy talking shit about me! All that "Donut" stuff...I don't even like cake!"

    Now he's still referred "Donut" in Band profiles and timeline-page. Maybe Bill Ward remembered wrong and that was some other singer canditate who ate donuts?

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    Oh, this is shocking news. I'm afraid this will go down in history as the most confusing disappearance of donuts in the mid-80s :O

    Still, I find it quite funny that he says this NOW since they/we have been referring to him as "Donut" like... forever ^^
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