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Glens Falls and a human sacrifice

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  • Glens Falls and a human sacrifice

    According the AP, about 50 people protested at the Glens Falls, NY Civic Center on Wednesday, March 26, 1986 against the scheduled Friday Black Sabbath concert and the Sunday Kiss concert. It was Good Friday and Easter, respectively. One of the protesters, Rev. Charles Semple, said that Sabbath's music and stage antics had a "Satanic overtone." The AP announced on the day of the show that it would be cancelled. On the day of the show, the Schenectady Gazette wrote that the show in Glens Falls will be a "theatrical, drama-drenched metal extravaganza, reportedly involving lasers and simulated human sacrifice." (page 27) How and where did this "human sacrifice" thing come about? Was it something that the opening band W.A.S.P. was doing? Or a rumor that was going around, perhaps inspiring these 50 protesters? Was it this rumor that prompted the Reverend to describe the stage antics as "Satanic" a couple of days prior?

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    regarding the human sacrifice, perhaps they were confused with Black Widow from 16 years earlier?


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      A cool interview where they briefly touch upon the cancelled show:

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        He writes a little about this in his book.

        Really, back during the '80s, during the "Satanic Panic"/PMRC era, it was rare that I would go to a gig where there WEREN'T protestors outside.

        I think that probably the worst one was a Dio/Dokken show in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in early 1985. There were people distributing literature filled with rumour and hearsay about RJD, based on three things:

        1. He had been in BLACK SABBATH, which automatically made him an evil person.
        2. The cover art to Holy Diver.
        3. His trademark il cornuto hand gesture; there was a drawing of it with "DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS?" written under it.

        It was like 5 degrees F outside so people were a lot more concerned with when the venue was going to open (accompanied by chants of "OPEN THE FUCKIN' DOORS!") than what these misguided souls were saying.

        However, I do remember seeing a lot of these flyers actually flying around the arena as paper aeroplanes!
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