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Zakk is out of the Ozzy band apparently

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  • Zakk is out of the Ozzy band apparently
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    Looks like Zakk found this out through the internet himself...


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      Was'nt really that interested in the new Ozzy album but this does make it a bit more intriguing.
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        Originally posted by Metal Priest View Post
        Looks like Zakk found this out through the internet himself...

        I suppose the Ozzy fanbois are ok with this? Wow. Sharon has no soul.

        (not about Zak's firing. it's the way it is being handled... typical Osbourne shite)
        May 16, 2010. RIP, RJD.


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          His band needs a fresh sound, and Zakk can't get him there, really.
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            Well, the fact that Zakk seems to have found out through the internet that hes being replaced sucks. Ive been saying for awhile that Zakk needs to leave the Ozzy gig behind. This will give him more time for Black Label Society, and at the same time it might change up Ozzy's sound on his new album. Zakk himself said in an interview that if you put ozzy's vocals on a B.L.S. album you get another Ozzy album, so I think the change will be good for Ozzy's album. Maybe it will bring some fresh ideas to the table... maybe. Then again it could all be bullshit, it's only about the 100th time it's been said that Zakk is leaving.
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              All I can say is:

              FUCKING SWEET.

              Zakk is hands-down my least favorite guitarist playing music right now (aside from maybe Angus Young), so it's nice to know that Ozzy is getting a replacement.

              I'm gonna buy the new album, I think.


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                Originally posted by The Butt View Post
                All I can say is:

                FUCKING SWEET.

                Zakk is hands-down my least favorite guitarist playing music right now (aside from maybe Angus Young), so it's nice to know that Ozzy is getting a replacement.
                +1 On all this, however, I'm not so sure that I'll buy one his new album.
                Actually, I'm sure I won't.
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                  Originally posted by Chris B View Post
                  Wow. Sharon has no soul.
                  No soul. What a surprise.

                  Zakk is a good player, but repetitive. John 5?

                  Really, how "fresh" can even the best player make Ozzy sound at this stage in his life?

                  Interesting to say how he's moved on from slagging Dio...
                  He is not here. He has risen!


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                    Ozzy actually is lucid enough to express himself in an ACTUAL INTERVIEW?

                    Does his owner know he actually got loose long to speak for himself?

                    I still am shocked to read that he has the ability form thoughts and and speak them.. It sure would've been nice if he'd have spoken for himself more between 1997-2005 but WHATEVER!!

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                      I hope Ozzy finds someone better to replace Zakk instead of John 5. That guy is terrible in my opinion.


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                        More likely than not, Sharon turns the new guitarist search into a television show, an "American Idol" type contest.......

                        May 16, 2010. RIP, RJD.


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                          IMHO, Zakk Wylde should have left Ozzy's Band when the Lawsuit against Tony Iommi came out. Not out of solidarity, but just out of common sense, to preserve his own name clean out of that $h*t.

                          Now it's late, and $haron kicked him out without a memo!

                          Well Zakk, perhaps you can join now "Living Loud". That'd make quite an interesting Band...
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                            Well after all the Black Sabbath bullshit I really don't give a flying fuck about Ozzy anymore, but I truly feel bad for Zakk...being let go like this is just bloody wrong. Not to mention he's an amazing guitarrist and the main reason for Ozzy's shows doing as well as they have. He put life into most of the song even when Ozzy was totally unable to do so...

                            Well Ozzy's done, there is no question about that...screw him.


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                              SWEET -

                              Zakk has been playing the same annoying riff (vibrato) for the last decade.... I still have NO HOPE OZZY will create anything that compares to his first 4 solo albums..

                              hey - maybe ozzy can call Lee K. And Bob D. ? I think Bob Daisley is Ozzy's only hope for another intersting album.... Since all of OZZY's solo success was directly related to Bob and Randy (god rest his soul)....

                              Ozzy can't create anything "alone" - His novelty is wearing thin -- Nobody cares that he pissed on the alamo. ate a bats head, snorted ants --- It is all old news and the man is now old and boring....