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    My favourite bit was Geezer and Ozzy's meeting in B'ham with Robert Plant before he was in Zeppelin.


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      Originally posted by mythology View Post
      Got the book for xmas and finished it a couple of days ago.

      Interesting that Ozzy does not consider Black Sabbath a Heavy Metal band as I completely agree with this.

      They may have spawned HM, but the first 8 LPs at least are not HM. Heavy Blues with a Jazz influence.
      Yep, and Iommi, Butler and Ward have made similar statements over the years as well. Sabbath was simply too brilliant, too talented and too creative to let themselves be pigeonholed into a narrow subgenre, even one of their own making.


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        I leafed through the book quite a bit at Barnes & Noble a couple of days ago. My birthday is this Thursday, so I've dropped a hint or two to my wife.

        It's a mixture of hilarious and "how did he survive?"

        I knew he (and the other guys) were poor, but not to the point where he had to shit and piss in a chamber pot at the foot of his bed.

        Some of the stories of his school days brought back memories for me. I was forever messing with teachers' minds; not maliciously, but just to see what I could get by with. However, unlike Ozzy, any teacher who would have tried to beat me with a shoe would have ended up eating the shoe.

        I certainly didn't know that Tony Iommi was such a chickmeister.

        I think probably the worst part of it (and Ozzy's life) was Randy Rhoads getting killed. I don't think he's ever recovered from that. Sharon may have resurrected his career, but Rhoads resurrected him musically, as well as being Ozzy's best friend.

        I am one of the very few who believe Ozzy should have knocked it on the head after Rhoads got killed, at least temporarily, to deal with the grief and subsequent chemical abuse.
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          im in no way a reader... i really hate to read but i just couldnt put it down! i craved reading it... and when i loaned it to a mate of mine he said exactly the same thing, and being a pommie (that lives out here in aussie land) he told me that the stories ozz was talking about reminded him of england and the shit that he used to do there, and then the shit that he did here aswell *snort snort!* lol....
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            I'm halfway through the book, around 1976 in the timeline. I can agree that it is a page turner! I got through the first 100 pages right off. It should be noted that Ozzy does quantify his memory before the book even begins, with a forward that he could very well be wrong about a lot of what went down in his life, but he is relating his memory as it stands currently. All was well until he related that Sabbath's first ever US gig took place in Manhattan, which, as far as I know, is not true. The bands first American show took place at Glassboro State College in NJ. He also seemed to think that the original War Pigs title was "Warpiggies", which he related to the witchcraft thing which I'm almost positive is actually called "Walpurgis". Nitpicking, but I thought I'd share.

            Far more interesting to me is the glowing way in which he describes Tony Iommi, over and over again. Now, granted, I'm not even at the part where he gets fired and the whole messy period between he and Iommi in the early 80's, but even in his recollection of being a school chum of his, Ozzy goes out of his way to indicate that Iommi did NOT pick on him or bully him, it was more something that went on between kids of different grades all the time. I thought Iommi used to clobber Ozzy on a regular basis back then, but who am I to dispute it?

            With the whole lawsuit thing going on (oh, yeah, remember that?) and Ozzy writing this during the time of his preparation and execution of such, it comes across to me as a bit phony that he would be so enamored of Iommi. Its almost like the pages are buttering Tony up.

            Granted, I haven't gotten to the big breakup part of the book, so maybe this observation is premature. Up until 1976 though, Ozzy maintained that Iommi was best-looking man around, the only one of the four who women wanted to bang in the early days, had a talent parallel to Hendrix and Clapton (I agree, but a bold statement nonetheless) and was a fierce protector of his friends who fought down men twice his size. Who am I to dispute it? It just sounds like Ozzy is pouring in on a little thick for some reason.

            But the stories, true or not, are great to read. The whole LA recording section for Volume 4 is priceless. How the four adjusted to life in America is great stuff, and I learned some cool details on the pranks they played on each other while recording Sabbath Bloody Sabbath in a castle.

            Looking forward to reading the rest of the book!
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              I'm about halfway thru the book. Insightful, fascinating and hilarious read. I am literally coming apart at the seams over his anecdote about trying to get rid of the stash after the cops showed up at the Cali mansion.
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                As a lifelong fan of the Ozzy era it pains me to say that the recurring thought I had throughout this book was "what a
                loser." How many times can you get drunk/stoned/high and crap your pants without losing the respect of all those around you?
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                  Originally posted by mds View Post
                  As a lifelong fan of the Ozzy era it pains me to say that the recurring thought I had throughout this book was "what a
                  loser." How many times can you get drunk/stoned/high and crap your pants without losing the respect of all those around you?
                  I think it just goes to show how damaged (psychologically) Ozzy really was, and from a young age. Alcohol and drugs only exacerbate mental illness.


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                    I just read the book, and I loved it. Laughed my ass off through most of it. As Bill Ward said on a DVD I got, he told Ozzy, if your singing doesn't work out you could be a fucking comedian! Great book that any Ozzy fan will love!
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                      I was gonna get it just to see how he wrote and what crazy things he says, but now your getting me excited to get it for other stuff as well.
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