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Best ozzy studio album?

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  • Best ozzy studio album?

    I've missed out under cover so the poll fits,

    Mine is blizzard of ozz.
    Blizzard of ozz
    Diary of a madman
    Bark at the moon
    The ultimate sin
    No rest for the wicked
    No more tears
    Down to earth
    Black rain
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    I prefer Diary to Blizzard by a sight margin right now.
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      Blizzard of Ozz. Diary is right there with it. But for me I choose Blizzard. That album has like 5 tracks that Ozzy still keep in his set list. Solid from front to back.


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        Diary was the first Ozzy album I heard in its entirety. Between Over the Mountain, Believer, SATO, and Diary it just inches out ahead over Blizzard for me. Still, both are perfect albums. I love Bark, No Rest & Down to earth as well.
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          Diary of a Madman. Stellar album, all the way through. It's a bit better than the excellent Blizzard.
          The other Ozzy albums I like a lot are No Rest for the Wicked, and No More Tears. Bark at the Moon is the another that is pretty good, but not great. The others I find rather sucky, overall.
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            Diary Of A Madman easily. Although Blizzard and No Rest For The Wicked aren't too far behind...all brilliant albums, but Diary just has everything going for it...Tonight's the only skip song on it. Randy's playing was exellent, Ozzy was vocally top notch and Bob's lyrics are brilliant....sadly he never really got the credit he rightfully deserves.

            I always keep wondering how Bark At The Moon would have been had we not lost Randy...I'm sure it wouldn't have been the 80s style suckfest it is now.

            The other's I like are No More Tears and Down To Earth...the rest...well part from one or two songs they truly do suck, more or a lot more.


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              I love all of Ozzy's solo records and through Ozzmosis they are all untouchable. DTE, Black Rain and Scream are a step down but they all have some excellent songs on them but are strangely missing guitar riffs and great musical parts. Ozzy's vocal melody's are great on them though.

              My favorite is easily Diary as it is my favorite record of all time by anyone. From to back every song is brilliant and what Randy did on those first two albums is breathtaking. Over The Mountain, You Can't Kill Rock & Roll, Believer, Tonight and Diary could all be in my top 10 favorite songs of all time.

              Blizzard, Ozzmosis and Bark would be right behind it as those are remarkable records. Bark and especially Ozzmosis doesn't get the credit they deserve. BATM the song could be the best metal song of all time and Waiting for Darkness is one of the most underrated songs of all time. Ozzy's vocals on Ozzmosis could be the best in his career. This is before any autotune or melodyne and Ozzy worked his ass off on the record. Perry Mason, I Just Want You, See You On the Other Side and Old LA Tonight are amazing.

              The cool thing is that there was an interview with Ozzy before Randy died where he talked about they already had the next two albums already planned and their titles are Killer of Giants and Bark at the Moon. So it looks like Ozzy already had a vision of what those next two records with Randy where going to look like.
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                My top 10 ozzy songs in no particular order,
                Diary of a madman
                I don't know
                Crazy train
                Perry mason
                Bark at the moon
                Ultimate sin
                Killer of giants
                Goodbye to romance
                No more tears
                Miracle man
                Bloodbath in paradise
                Flying high again
                Mr Crowley
                Suicide solution
                Shot in the dark
                I just want you
                Gone past 10 but could keep going on and on...
                Ozzy frigging rocks!!!!!
                Vote leave if u want totally cool either way


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                  Diary... just pure out an out classic metal - the best of the best.
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                    Diary, and for me, it isn't even close. Randy and Ozzy were tight musically- Randy reinvigorated Ozzy so much. As for Ozz, his pipes are just GOLDEN on this album. "You Can't Kill Rock and Roll" is my favorite song ever sung by Ozzy, and probably one of my 2 or 3 favorite songs EVER. I was 15 when this album was riding the charts, scaring our parents and uniting us as young men. Socially, it represents a defining time for those of us who were in our teen years- just wish "the damn crash" never happened. R.I.P. Randy

                    Second choice would have been "No Rest For The Wicked". No matter what you think of Zakk and his pinched harmonics in 2013, "No Rest" was a badass, HEAVY album that still holds up to this day. FIRE IN THE SKY!!!!!
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                      Jammed a little OZZMOSIS today. LOVE Ozzy's voice on that album. One reason for my passion with this album is that it came out when i was in high school. So, it represents the Ozzy era of "my youth". That and it's a damn solid album. Of course this was before the internet and I remember getting word that my local station was playing the new single PERRY MASON. I was ecstatic. I called and requested it. They told me it would be up shortly. I patiently waited over an hour and finally without an introduction I heard the synth intro. I knew immediatly it was Ozzy. As we did back then, I hit the record button on my boom box. Had to get me a copy to hold me over till the album came out. I have to admit though, Ozzmosis does contain my least favorite Ozzy track, My Little Man. Still though Great memories!!! Also saw Ozzy live for the first time a few months later.

                      FUN FACT FOR YOU:
                      Tommy Lee of Motley Crue suggested to Ozzy during their run together on the Bark At The Moon Tour in 1984 that he should name his next album OZZMOSIS.

                      Of course it wasn't Ozzy's next album. But he must have always kept that in the back of his mind.
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                        It's so close between Blizzard and Diary. Ozzy came out of the blocks so strong with those two albums. In the end I have to give the nod to Blizzard on the strength of I Don't Know, Crazy Train, Suicide Solution and Steal Away (The Night). After that, I enjoy most, but not all, of Bark at the Moon and No More Tears. The rest of his solo work I listen to to when I'm going through an Ozzy binge only.
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                          Ozzmosis, and I suspect I'll remain the only vote for it. The say I love that album would be an understatement. Ozzy's performance is quite possibly the best of his career. The irony being that his voice was particularly bad for most of the tour that followed. Nevertheless, that doesn't matter when it comes to the perfection of the album. Besides that, despite a number of ballads, the album is heavy as hell. Perry Mason, Thunder Underground, Tomorrow, My Jekyll Doesn't Hide, and Whole World's Falling Down are as heavy as ANYTHING he's done, including any Black Sabbath numbers. I can't tell you how many times I've driven the neighborhood crazy blasting those classics.

                          And throw in my favorite music video of all time for I Just Want You and it only adds to the magic. Oh, and my favorite Ozzy track of all time, Back On Earth released a couple years later...was a "leftover" from the Ozzmosis sessions. I cannot speak highly enough about it. Despite selling very well worldwide, I still don't think it got the attention it really deserves.
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                            For me this was in between No Rest For The Wicked or The Ultimate Sin

                            The Ultimate Sin wins by a Mili-point :p


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                              Originally posted by SabbathsValhalla View Post
                              For me this was in between No Rest For The Wicked or The Ultimate Sin

                              The Ultimate Sin wins by a Mili-point :p
                              The Ulitmate Sin... Now THAT is a great video. Staring Ozzy as JR from DALLAS.

                              I love the part of GOD BLESS OZZY when they ask him to watch and comment on his music videos and the Ulitmate Sin came on. He just stands up and leaves. If if you listen close you can hear him say "I can't watch this shit".
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