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    Originally posted by Requiem View Post
    I'm glad there's a thread for Bob's book 'For Fact's Sake'.

    I've read it twice, cover to cover, and it's easily the best music book I've ever read. As a diarist (a real one, not like Nikki Sixx's pretend diary), Bob has so much specificity in his account, not just of his dealings with the Osbournes, but his entire career. He knows specific dates that everything happened, amounts of money involved, tours, travels, deals made and broken. The detail is amazing.

    Unlike the majority of music autobiographies where it's clear that there is a lot of guess work going on, Bob Daisley clearly has the facts to hand. His detailed account of his time with Ozzy is simply amazing and I really encourage every Ozzy and Sabbath fan to check it out.

    The photos and other documents included are also really fascinating.

    And no, the book isn't a big whinge, nor is it an attack. He does call things as they happened, though, and it's a compelling - and slightly disturbing - insight into the machinations of 80s and early 90s music industry, and so much more.

    I have to say that the rest of his account is really interesting too. Having played in Rainbow and Sabbath (The Eternal Idol, recorded in Montserrat which is a very interesting account) there are plenty of other stories from a very lengthy career. He doesn't use a ghost writer either, and his prose style is really engaging and warm. You feel like you know and like the guy quite early on.

    Fabulous book. 10/10.
    Thanks Requiem, I'll check it out.
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