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Ozzy vs Dio vs Iommi - Round 5

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  • Ozzy vs Dio vs Iommi - Round 5

    Hello all again,

    So we're already about half way with the comparisons and here is the next batch. How would you rank the following albums?:

    Ozzy - No Rest For The Wicked (1988)

    Dio - Lock Up The Wolves (1990)

    Iommi (in Sabbath) - Tyr (1990)

    To start as always, here are my comparisons:

    1st Place - Tyr - This follow up to Headless Cross was a bold move. I think Martin wisely chose to steer away from the Satanic imagery and instead explored Norse mythology so much so that this could be a concept album. While I think Headless Cross is probably the best in terms of sonic sound from the Martin era, this one is definitely the most musically diverse. To me it sounds like one of the most untypical Sabbath albums as it sounds so diverse in places. It's sad though that the legacy of this album is somewhat forgotten and is one of the most obscure albums in the whole Sabbath discography.

    2nd Place - Lock Up The Wolves - After the somewhat disappointing phase with Dream Evil, Dio took the incredibly bold move to start a new band from scratch. This is definitely one of the most distinctively different sounding albums as you can hear a real bluesy vibe throughout the whole album. In my opinion, it has mixed results. Some of the songs I really dig and like the blues factor, however I think the album gets stuck in that area too much and some of the songs just trudge along a a snail's pace. Sadly his experiment with this sound didn't last long and this album is somewhat forgotten by the Dio masses. A good album but not one of his best.

    3rd Place - No Rest For The Wicked - I had high hopes for this album upon initial listenings but apart from 2 standout tracks, I don't listen to this one much. My 2 standout picks are - Miracle Man and Breaking All The Rules which are probably in my top 10 fav Ozzy songs. The rest I'm not so bothered about unfortunately.

    What are your rankings?

    Special Note - next time there will be a special round of comparisons - can you guess what they might be?

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    Requiem's Rankings of These Albums

    1. Ozzy Osbourne - 'No Rest for the Wicked'

    The first Zakk Wylde album is a heavy, melodic and dark album, and it wins this round. With Bob Daisley back on bass and writing very topical lyrics, this album has a tight rhythm behind Wylde's theatrics. Huge production, killer album artwork that puts Ozzy into a more serious dark lord position (after some cartoonish work on the last couple), and above all, great songs.

    2. Black Sabbath - 'Tyr'

    One of the underrated gems from Black Sabbath, this is one of those albums that is such great fun to listen to but was unfortunately not particularly cool in 1990 - especially with hair metal and, eventually, grunge, ruling the roost. This album only loses out to 'No Rest...' due to the magic of the Ozzy album, but this is definitely an excellent album.

    3. Dio - 'Lock Up the Wolves'

    Well. This is a fun album, I'll give it that, but it doesn't have a lot of reasons to come back to it, at least in my view. Dio is still putting out those oh so familiar vocal lines and the production is a bit rough. Riffs are a bit workmanlike. I sort of feel sorry for Dio in a way, because he was left behind pretty badly at this point.
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      This was easy.
      1.No Rest for the Wicked (Maybe the best Ozzy-solo album)
      2.Tyr (Not any of the better Sabbath albums,but still good)
      3.Lock up the Wolves (pretty medioker)


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        1 - TYR: Okay, i really like this one. In my opinion, is one of Sabbath's best and i really like that the atmosphere on this one is less dark/satanic/goth comparing to Headless Cross. I think that this album, is a great play between light and darkness with more focus on light. Some really bright moments on this one like Jerusalem, Valhalla, some epics like Anno Mundi (what a great song!), Sabbath Stones and thw really great ballad Feels Good To Me. I really like TYR, is one of my favorites and in my ears, it is an easy listening album, i really enjoy hearing it.

        2 - No Rest For The Wicked: You can't go wrong with Ozzman's 80's stuff and this album is no exception. Great moments like Miracle Man, Crazy Babies, Breaking All The Rules, Fire In The Sky. I really like the positive and uplifting mood of this album, it is full of energy. I would like a thicker production however. Nevertheless, is a great album.

        3 - Lock Up The Wolves: I like Dio's stuff from the 80's but this album? Just a big NO from me. I found it quite boring and i couldn't had the patience to hear this album from start to finish. I found it quite boring and i didn't attempted since to give it another chance because, i was disappointed from my first touch with this album.


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          1. No Rest For The Wicked
          2. Tyr
          3. Lock Up The Wolves


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            Originally posted by sin - lum View Post
            Ozzy - No Rest For The Wicked (1988)

            Dio - Lock Up The Wolves (1990)

            Iommi (in Sabbath) - Tyr (1990)

            Special Note - next time there will be a special round of comparisons - can you guess what they might be?
            I can guess what the next round of comparisons will be, they will be the winners of each artist pitted against each other, for a final faceoff.

            1st place, No Rest For The Wicked, great album, love the songs Bloodbath In Paradise, Miracle Man, Breakin' All The Rules, Fire In The Sky and the hidden gem Hero, great album and great memories, I had graduated High School and started what would be my first job out of High School at the age of 17.

            2nd Place, Tyr, good album and it flows better than it did when I first heard it, which I didn't like the Martin era at all, like the entire album and all the tracks, Anno Mundi, The Law Maker, Jerusalem and Heaven In Black being my favorites along with Feels Good To Me.

            3rd Place, Lock Up The Wolves, this is when Dio started to become cheese, not one memorable song on there for me except maybe Hey Angel and Between Two Hearts, that's the only songs that come to mind when I think of that album.
            "Without Black Sabbath there never would have been an Ozzy, and without Ozzy there never would have been a Black Sabbath"
            "If there ever was a band whose voice is so significant and distinct, that band is Black Sabbath and the voice is Ozzy Osbourne"
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              Looks like Dio's album took quite a beating in this round. The next round of comparisons is up and it's probably not quite exactly what you had in mind