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  • Ozzy Interview

    It was announced yesterday that Ozzy has been suffering from a form of Parkinsons. This is actually quite sad. It's tearing him apart to not because to perform & be with his fans. I hope he's able to recover & feel better so he can get back to doing what he loves so much. Two part interview links below.

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    Breaks my heart to see him so frail and vulnerable. The first time I've really seen him look his age.

    At the same time, this was already made public 15 years ago. He talks about it in his book even.


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      You can’t stop Ozzy, despite this he still wants to continue, God bless him, and he gave us an album.
      "Without Black Sabbath there never would have been an Ozzy, and without Ozzy there never would have been a Black Sabbath"
      "If there ever was a band whose voice is so significant and distinct, that band is Black Sabbath and the voice is Ozzy Osbourne"
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