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2020 BMG Deluxe Editions Of 4 DIO Albums

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  • 2020 BMG Deluxe Editions Of 4 DIO Albums

    They sound great but they already did. A few quick notes about these.

    1. Love the digibook format. All CDs should be released like this these days
    2. Bonus artwork added
    3. "Magica" does not include the Japan-only instrumental "Annica". Not a big omission IMO. Bonus disc includes full performance of "Magica" live in 2001 (by that time they didn't perform "Turn To Stone" and "As Long As It's Not About Love" as part of the set like they did in 2000. BUT unlike the 10 track digital version the actual CD has 11 tracks with "Feed My Head" included). All these live cuts are completely different from the 2013 "Deluxe Edition", which is vastly inferior to this release.
    4. "Master Of The Moon" includes the Japan-only bonus track "Prisoner Of Paradise" but only 4 live cuts from the tour.
    5. "Killing The Dragon"'s bonus disc includes 6 live cuts completely different than those found on "Evil Or Divine: Live In NYC" but does NOT include the bonus two live cuts with Deep Purple from the "Tour Edition"
    6. "Angry Machines" is the big let down. It inexplicably excludes the Japan-only "God Hates Heavy Metal", which still has appeared nowhere else. Additionally the bonus disc is merely a truncated version of "Inferno: Last In Live". That said casual fans will be happy with this release no doubt.
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    While these releases will no doubt highlight Dio`s less popular eras, I had quietly been hoping that there would be some unreleased tracks on offer - tracks like extra b-sides that never got released in his time. But I suppose chances are there is nothing really left, oh well.


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      I've not previously owned Angry Machines... having listened to it a few times I think it's one of his better solo albums, after the first two.
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