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What should Iommi do next?

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  • What should Iommi do next?

    Following on from the radio interview with Tony Iommi, I get the impression that he seems to be sitting on the fence with undertaking new projects. So here's a poll to see if we can get any traction online here in the forums

    Which of the following do you think Iommi should do next? The elephant in the room has not been added which of course is doing the classic Sabbath reunion with Geezer, Ozzy and Bill - let's put that aside as I think it has already been discussed to death already.
    Release the Tony Martin Black Sabbath albums with the new mix of Forbidden
    A new album with Tony Martin
    A new solo album with Glenn Hughes
    A new solo album with other singers
    The movie orchestral soundtrack which has long been talked about

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    Personally I would like to see an album with Tony Martin. He seems to be the only artist in the Sabbath family who he has not worked on any project with. I think it would be a crying shame if they never realised anything together. It's funny that he says in the interview that he would be doing something with Dio if he were still alive. Why couldn't it work with Tony Martin instead?


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      He should do an album with Tony Martin under the name Headless Cross. It would essentially be Black Sabbath under another name as was the case with Heaven & Hell.
      you got a killer scene there, man...


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        I'm gonna go with the first option, but my ideal scenario would be for Tony to start a new band and release an album. No Tony Martin, no fucking Glenn Hughes, maybe Geezer on bass, but mainly just something new without it being some reunion with a singer he's already done several albums with. I'd love to hear what Tony would still be calling "Black Sabbath" these days if he could get away with it.


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          Definitely the next thing should be releasing the remix of Forbidden since it's already completed. After that? A new solo album would be cool. No preference on who the singer or singers are as long as the album rocks!


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            I’d love for Tony to do an entire album with Ian Gillan or Tony Martin, after releasing the entire Martin era albums remastered in a box set with some live albums thrown.
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              I don't think he has any idea what to do with all the riffs he has. I think him and Geezer should do another project together with a new singer and drummer.