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Geezer Butler albums being re-released

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  • Geezer Butler albums being re-released

    While the majority of Geezer Butler’s musical output has had the label “Black Sabbath” on it, not all of it was. Over the years, he’s put out three “solo” albums. Also over the years, the three of them have gone out of print. Well, no more, all three of them are being re-released this fall.

    BMG is re-releasing all three albums (Plastic Planet, Black Science, & Ohmwork) on compact disc & vinyl on 30 October, 2020. These were already re-released digitally back in March via iTunes, Spotify, and the like. But this fall is the physical re-release.

    Earlier today, Geezer released the news about the three albums, which was cool. I did some digging around to find some stuff that wasn’t mentioned in the original press release. Here’s some facts about the re-releases..
    • All three albums are now branded as “Geezer Butler” vs the individual names they had originally (G//Z/R, Geezer, & GZR respectively).
    • All three albums have redesigned artwork to go with the naming rebranding.
    • All three are being released on vinyl for the first time – none were released on vinyl originally.
    • All three are being released on CD again.
    • None of the three albums are remastered. My label contact said the “Audio is mastered for vinyl”, but they didn’t use original tapes.
    • These are the original track listings. Any additional Japanese tracks from back in the day are not here.
    • This release is for everywhere EXCEPT USA/North America. I do not have any info on a later release date for these in the United States. I have asked, but no info.
    More info - including a shit ton of pictures - on my site's story...
    Joe Siegler, Webmaster - Black Sabbath Online
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    Thanks for the heads up Joe! I hope I'm able to eventually aquire them myself
    ♫Forget all your sorrow, don't live in the past,
    and look to the future, 'cause life goes too fast, you know♫


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      Thank you Joe.
      "Without Black Sabbath there never would have been an Ozzy, and without Ozzy there never would have been a Black Sabbath"
      "If there ever was a band whose voice is so significant and distinct, that band is Black Sabbath and the voice is Ozzy Osbourne"
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        Really not digging the revamped artwork and rebranding. Wouldve preferred it with original art and bandnames. But cool it's getting a rerelease!
        you got a killer scene there, man...


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          Interesting but pity there are no new bonus tracks.

          I have all these albums on CD already so I unfortunately won't need to get these.