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Shot in the Dark

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  • Shot in the Dark

    What's the story behind this song? Why are there two completely different versions?

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    Re: Shot in the Dark

    Probably has something to do with Phil Soussan getting ripped off.


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      Re: Shot in the Dark

      All I know is that it's a single that hit FM radio status in the 80's. The fact that there is two versions, that surprises me, I only know three (studio, live Just Say Ozzy and Live and Loud).
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        Re: Shot in the Dark

        What are the two completely different versions??


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          Re: Shot in the Dark

          Originally Posted By: Petoria000 What are the two completely different versions??
          Indeed. I've only ever known of one.
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            Re: Shot in the Dark

            "Shot In The Dark" has been a favourite opening song for numerous "theme nights", where heavy metal is played loud and drinks are poured. As the title tells you, it's a shot. So we've used to press Play on the song and, simultaneously with the opening bass note, downed a potent drink from a shot glass. And usually with this setting with all the booze and metal on the collision course, the lights are in the more darker mode. Hence, Shot In The Dark!!! Works perfectly, guaranteed satisfaction.

            Hey Joe, you should definitely try this out...I promise you: it's great!
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