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Ozzy Toronto 2003

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  • Ozzy Toronto 2003

    I only recently heard about this gig, where he played for like two-and-a-half hours performing some rare cuts. Did this really happen? Why? Was it the SARS thing, like he felt like giving them something extra? How the hell did he do it?

    Also, if anybody could direct me to a recording of this show I would be forever grateful. I've found it in a couple of places, but both links are dead.

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    Re: Ozzy Toronto 2003

    There was SARS in Toronto?


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      Re: Ozzy Toronto 2003

      I believe it may have been for charity.
      Chrono, I think the whole run of Canadian shows were like that.
      I know there's another bootleg out there (besides Toronto) where he played nearly long enough to fill 3 cds.


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        Re: Ozzy Toronto 2003

        Yes you are correct Swampy I think it was the Hamilton Ontario show.

        Ozzy basicaly played at least 3 songs from each of his solo albums as well as 5 or 6 Sabbath songs and it was a great show.

        He kept saying all night that people misunderstood what Sars was all about and this was the fans chance to kick some Sars ass and said to us that the louder the crowd got the longer he would play and that night in Toronto he got on stage at 9 pm and went til midnight.

        In 2003 with the Sars tragedy happening alot of bands did not want to come to Toronto, I remember Ozzy saying at the time Fuck Sars and toured anyway, you may remember Chrono that we had Sars Stock that summer with the Rolling Stones, AC\DC, Rush, Guess Who etc and set a 1 day concert record with all proceeds going to the Sars charity.


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          Re: Ozzy Toronto 2003

          Originally Posted By: nuuch
          In 2003 with the Sars tragedy happening alot of bands did not want to come to Toronto, I remember Ozzy saying at the time Fuck Sars and toured anyway
          I think one of my favourite parts on that boot is where Ozzy goes, "This is a song for all those c*nts who wouldn't come out tonight, it's called 'Suicide Solution'!"

          Great show, even if his voice is in pretty rough shape. that whole little mini-tour of Canada with Newsted and the 2.5 - 3 hour setlists was pretty cool. I seem to recall either the Winnipeg or Quebec show being recorded for a live album, but then shelved, as it was so soon after Live At Budokan's release.


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            Re: Ozzy Toronto 2003

            Yes it's a cool boot, cant beleive they were gonna release another live album so soon after Budokan.


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              Re: Ozzy Toronto 2003

              When I first heard about these shows, I didn't believe it either based on the length of the show and the reported set list so I contacted Rob Dwyer of the excellent (If you haven't been to his site - go now! IMO & are the only 2 sites you'll ever need.)

              Here is my original e-mail (from July 2006) and his reply:

              >>>Hey Robert,

              Great site - haven't been here in a while but it continues to grow and look great.

              I know you compile info about Sabbath, but I was wondering if you knew anything about a particular Ozzy solo show that supposedly took place. Here's the info:

              The boot is called "Greatest Show On Earth", "Fuck SARS" or "Remember the Motto!" and it was allegedly recorded on June 11th, 2003 in Toronto Canada. It's 2 discs and the set list is rumored to have been:

              War Pigs, Mr. Crowley, Believer, Flying High Again, I Don't Know, Gets Me Through, Goodbye To Romance, Miracle Man, Bark At The Moon, The Wizard, After Forever, Into The Void, Fairies Wear Boots, Iron Man, Sweet Leaf, Children of the Grave, Fire In The Sky, Suicide Solution, No More Tears, I Don't Want To Change The World, Road To Nowhere, Crazy Train, Mama I'm Coming Home, NIB and Paranoid.

              The reason I ask is because I find it really unusual that Ozzy played a show that was approximately 3 hours long and included 10 Sabbath songs. He hasn't done that in many years, if ever.

              If you know anything about this show, I'd love to verify it.

              Thanks again and keep up the great work,

              Mike Murphy

              Hi Mike,

              Sorry for the delay. I've been WAY behind on answering e-mail lately. I remember those 2003 Ozzy shows for the fact that everyone was marveling over these 'marathon' shows he was playing at the time. I do believe these are legitimate recordings from those shows. I'm pretty sure that I have a few of them in my collection too, but I haven't listened to them since 2003. (Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Ontario June 11, 2003)

              Good Beer is the perfect blend of Art & Science.


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                Re: Ozzy Toronto 2003

                So now that we've established they did happen... can anybody hook me up?