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HEAVEN & HELL in Hellsinki June 2nd

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    Originally posted by Sabbathman View Post
    * I got 9 selections out of 17, not too bad! Few more songs would have been more than welcome, but still we got a powerful show with a renewed setlist, not the same best of all over again. Hey, we got the tremendous song "Fear"! We also got the fantastic epic "Falling Off The Edge Of The World", luckily so. "County Girl" was only an excerpt from its beginning, 1-2 minutes or something like that, then they medleyed into "Neon Knights" as a closer.

    Some people were disappointed about the setlist, but we all have many favourites which will always be omitted and certain classics will always be played no matter what. Hell, if they left some key classic away, then many people would complain about that! But we did get completely new songs, some new classics as a renewal, the good old classics we all want and - thinking positively - the band left us all hungry for more by not renewing the setlist too much, they left us wanting more and more...!

    hei I've got a question...I was reading the notes I took at Qstock and I wrote that they did another song after Neon Knights....and Dio introduced it by saying something like "i won't tell you what it's called, Tony will start it and suprise you and surprise us"....

    does anyone remember the encore because my notes definitely say Neon Knights was before they walked off stage....I'm so confused!


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      They may have done the intro to 'Country Girl' before 'Neon Knights'.


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        sorry, maybe I didn't write it clear enough

        my notes say Neon Knights was before THE ENCORE...i hate when I can't work out set lists from my notes and I didn't drink either


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          They played Country Girl/Neon Knights as the encore. Ronnie introduces Country Girl as a surprise...they play the first verse of the song then go straight into Neon Knights.... There was no second encore.