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Heaven and hell in zurich 17.06.09, rjd !!

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  • Heaven and hell in zurich 17.06.09, rjd !!

    On June 17th 2009, Heaven and Hell played Zurich and I had the opportunity to get my hands on an after-show pass and meet, my hero, Ronnie James Dio. As Sabbathman a week earlier in Finland, I could present him with a gift (a gothic Frog for his collection) and in return he signed all of the items I brought along. (Over 40 Pieces). We took some pics. I had a blast, telling him that my wish was to finally meet him and thank him for his music. He hugged me and was very gentle and nice. A perfect gentleman. Vinny dropped in and I told him that weíve met in Montreux in 2007. He didnít remember. But he remembered when he accidentally signed the same Cd twice. I could ask Dio things about SOSSC and we chatted while he was signing my stuff. One friend of his remarked that he thanked Richie Blackmore in the Thanks-List. Ronnie said, that if Tony put Ozzy in there, who had nothing to do with the new CD, he could thank Richtie. So thatís that. Iím forever thankful for RJD being very easygoing. and sacrificing some time for me.
    The Show itself was great, the played the usual set and Tonyís Solo in Heaven and Hell was awesome.(you can find it on youtube). The Volkshaus was packed and the crowd was thrilled from beginning to end. The Band was in great condition and Dioís Vocals were fantastic. Tonyís guitar sound was very loud. He looked happy, he moved around, I didnít notice that he would wound up in the hospital. Get well soon, Tony!!!
    Thanks to RJD for being such a fantastic Person !!!!!