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  • Some HUGE H&H Advertising

    I was poking around Google Street View this afternoon, and looking at places I do business with, and/or buildings where some of my friends work. I hit the building in Burbank, CA where the Warner Bros / Rhino offices are. When I saw the building, I saw they had this massive side wall advertising area. Depending on which "view" you used on Street View, you either saw a Smashing Pumpkins advert from the summer of 2007 up there, or you saw an advert for an album called "Press Play" by Diddy in 2006. I captured views of those below:

    So I emailed my contact at Rhino and asked them if they had anything like that up on the wall for Heaven & Hell this year. They indeed had a giant Heaven & Hell advert up on that wall, from a time not too long before the album was released a couple of months ago up until mid August, when it was taken down. My contact also sent me over a picture of it to use on the site. You can check it out below. I live right outside of Dallas, TX - Burbank, CA is not a place I visit, so I haven't seen it with my own eyes. Have you seen it in person? Drop me a line if you have, I'm curious.

    I did inquire what happens to them after they are taken down. My contact said they're taken down by some outside firm who deals (presumably) in exterior advertisments, and then it's delivered back to Warner. I assume they go into storage somewhere, but I didn't get a conclusive answer as to what happens to them, but they aren't destroyed, which is what I figured happened to them.

    Check it out below.

    Link to larger pictures:
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    That's awesome. I hope it did its job!


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      I want this in my room! Seriously!


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        as do i, and joe that fucking brilliant! the more the merrier as far as im concerned, hell ill go and hang something like that on the side of the Sydney opera house! id cop the fine just to boast why i got the fine! lol
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          Very cool and thanks for sharing. I would put that on the side of my home. I'm sure the neighbors would love it!
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            You know, I think that would have been a more kickass cover for the album than the real covers!
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