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5 Least Favourite Dio Songs

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    I think all of the tracks on Heaven & Hell are great - Walk Away isn't quite as good as the rest but that's it really. Same for Mob Rules - Sign of the Southern Cross is one of my favourites, though, and for what it is E5150 is good - very atmospheric. Country Girl and Slipping Away aren't brilliant, though. None of the tracks on The Devil You Know really bother me.

    It may be because I've listened to it less than the others but I think Dehumanizer has the worst Dio tracks. TV Crimes, Time Machine, Sins of the Father and Buried Alive aren't bad but definitely pale in comparison to songs such as Computer God, After All (The Dead) and I.

    So I guess my 5 least favourite Dio songs are:
    TV Crimes
    Sins of the Father
    Buried Alive
    Country Girl
    Slipping Away


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      1. Walk Away
      2. Sins of the Father
      3. Wishing Well
      4. Turn of the Screw
      5. Too Late

      The only ones I REALLY don't like though are the 2 first ones.


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        1. Voodoo
        2. Lady Evil
        3. Slipping Away
        4. TV Crimes

        Couldnt think of a 5th Dio-era song i don't like but then again i think that Voodoo is one of the worst ever Sabbath songs.. always skipping that one if possible
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          My 2 least favourite Dio songs are Walk Away and Sins of the Father. Everything else is great.
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            1. E5150
            2. Fear
            3. Slipping Away
            4. Walk Away

            I don't really hate any of those songs, except for the pointless E5150.

            I love Wishing Well. One of the 7 phenomenal tracks from Heaven and Hell When I first heard Heaven and Hell, you know what song struck me as the best? It wasn't Heaven and Hell, Neon Knights or Children of the Sea. It was..... LONELY IS THE WORD. However, Wishing Well is still a great tune with some inspired songwriting.
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              1. E5150
              2. Too Late
              3. Lady Evil
              4. Atom and Evil
              5. Lonely is the Word


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                In no particular order:

                Breaking into Heaven
                Rock and Roll Angel
                Sins of the Father
                Walk Away
                Wishing Well


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                  Master of Insanity
                  Buried Alive
                  Rock & Roll Angel

                  That's about all I can come up with.
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                    Originally posted by Charger View Post
                    4. Letters From The Earth (Great tune, but it's on a suberb album so it would have to be my least favourite)
                    Do you have/have you heard the alternative version of LFE? I think it's much better than the album version. I don't have TDYK yet, so I've only come up with 3 Dio-era Sabbath tunes for my list:

                    1. Walk Away
                    2. Lady Evil
                    3. Too Late



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                      Originally posted by Ted Sallis View Post
                      Do you have/have you heard the alternative version of LFE? I think it's much better than the album version.

                      Yeah, I have it. And yes you're right...and as I said, there are no really bad tracks on Dehumanizer so Letters From Earth is still a damn good track on a suberb album...but I had to choose 5...


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                        I agree with most, that this era it is hard to come up with 5 bad ones. I love walk Away, it hurts that there is not more love for that one. Here is my 5

                        1) Too Late
                        2) T.V. Crimes
                        3) Over and Over
                        4) Fear
                        5) Sins Of The Father
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                          Wow, it's hard for me to believe that so many of you listed mostly just songs from the first three albums, hardly any on this thread from TDYK.

                          For me, that is the overall weakest output from the Dio lineup, my "least favorite" 5 are something like this, in no particular order:

                          Double the Pain
                          The Turn of the Screw
                          Wishing Well
                          E5150--If it's actually counted as a track it's pointless and useless, but I've always just thought of it as an intro to whatever. But it does have a track #, so...

                          That's 5, R&R Roll Angel would've been next if not for E5150.

                          TDYK seems to be about half brilliant; Breaking Into Heaven, Follow the Tears, Fear, Bible Black etc. And half filler--see above.
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                            Sins Of The Father
                            Too Late
                            Time Machine
                            Buried Alive
                            Master Of Insanity...

                            (I don't like Dehumanizer)


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                              Wow, two people actually dislike Voodoo - there is a wide range of likes and dislikes on this board, but I must say I LOVE Voodoo.


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                                Walk Away- Maybe it's just because it's such a letdown from the 7 great tracks present on Heaven and Hell and I'd like it more on say, Devil You Know or Dehumanizer, but this one just doesn't settle well with me.

                                Rock and Roll Angel
                                Atom and Evil Both songs are too corny for me, but I'd like the latter ore with different lyrics

                                Slipping Away and Over and Over-Filler imo
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