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  • Rank the Dio era albums!

    So, how would you rank the Sabbath albums from the Dio era?
    My list:

    1. Mob Rules
    2. Heaven & Hell
    3. Dehumanizer
    4. Live Evil

    Hard to choose, but I think that Mob Rules is slightly better. But I love all three studio albums! I don't usually like live albums, and I don't really enjoy Dio doing the Ozzy era tracks... But great versions of Dio era songs!

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    Mob Rules
    Heaven and Hell
    The Devil You Know
    Monty Python and the Holy Grail pic extravaganza!


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      Mob Rules
      Heaven and Hell
      ...and very much last and least...
      The Devil You Know
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        1. The Mob Rules
        2. Dehumanizer
        3. The Devil You Know
        4. Heaven And Hell
        5. Live Evil

        The Mob Rules is the best album to me, because of both the superior song material and the production. I don't like the Dio-versions of the Ozzy classics on Live Evil, and the production of that album is bad. I equally like the other 3 albums, even though I tend to prefer Dehumanizer and TDYK over Heaven And Hell.


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          OK, this is very, very difficult for me. This is my favorite band (H&H).

          Here is my list as it stands at 5:21 EDT on June 13, 2010

          1A. Heaven & Hell
          1B. The Devil You Know
          1C. Mob Rules
          1D. Dehumanizer
          1E. New tracks from "The Dio Years"
          1F. RCMH
          1G. Live at Hammersmith
          1H. Live Evil
          Last edited by H&H; 06-19-2010, 08:10 AM. Reason: HOW THE HELL DID I FORGET RCMH???? I added it in as 1F
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            1. Heaven and Hell
            2. Dehumanizer
            3. The Devil You Know
            4. The Mob Rules

            They are all fantastic though.
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              Mob Rules - I've said it elsewhere, this is my favourite album of all time by anyone.
              Heaven & Hell - and this is a close second
              New tracks from 'The Dio Years'
              The Devil You Know

              Live at Hammersmith
              Live Evil
              Live At Radio City Music Hall

              I was always quite happy with Dio doing the Ozzy-era songs. My fave example of this is Children Of The Grave from Live Evil, I always thought that was killer.
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                I reckon it's always been this way, for me:

                Mob Rules ......and then the rest, downstairs, languishing somewhere in the basement.

                Heaven and Hell
                The Devil You Know
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                  Hard question...

                  Heaven and Hell is stunning debut album of Mk2 Black Sabbath.... All tracks are from great to even more great, no average tracks. 10/10 for me

                  The Mob Rules contains probably greatest pearls in Black Sabbath discography ever - Falling Off The Edge Of The World and Sign Of The Southern Cross, but there are some tracks that are slightly under that "great" impression. I never enjoyed Turn Up The Night. 9/10 for me

                  Dehumanizer is for me album of few absolutely OUTSTANDING tracks between fillers.... Computer God is probably best opener from all Dio albums, After All is fantastic too and then really great tracks I hear then in Too Late and I.... In between songs which are good, but weaker than others. 7/10 for me

                  Dio Years - Ear in The Wall is good track, The Devil Cried is OK, Shadow Of The Wind is boring track....

                  The Devil You Know - again two stunning tracks - Bible Black, Follow The Tears, good songs like Fear, Double The Pain or Eating the Cannibals, but for the first time on full BS album with Dio really boring tracks "without" idea - Atom and Evil, The Turn of the Screw are best example... But Bible Black and FTT are songs which really pick the rating of that recording! 7/10 for me again.


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                    Heaven and hell
                    the devil you know
                    mob rules


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                      1 Heaven & Hell
                      2 The Mob Rules
                      3 The Devil You Know
                      4 Dehumanizer
                      5 New Tracks On 'The Dio Years'
                      6 Live At Radio City Music Hall
                      7 Live At Hammersmith
                      8 Live Evil


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                        -1. Heaven and hell- 10/10.....class album
                        -1.. Mob rules- 10/10.................falling off the edge of the world is class
                        3. The devil you know 7/10...............i like maybe 5 songs off this album, others are quite aimless
                        4. Dehumanizer 6/10..........................time machince and tv crimes are great but thats about it
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                          DHumanizer & MRules
                          TDevilyouknow (i wanted a Dehumanizer II, hehe, almost!)
                          Live Evil (imīnot a big fan of live recordings)


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                            Studio albums:

                            1. Mob Rules
                            2. Heaven and Hell
                            3. Dehumanizer
                            4. The Devil You Know

                            Live albums:

                            1. Live at Hammersmith Odeon
                            2. Live At Radio City Music Hall
                            3. Live Evil
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                              I bet I'm different than most

                              #1) The Devil You Know
                              #2) Dehumanizer
                              #3) Heaven and Hell
                              #4) Mob Rules
                              #5) Most everything else...
                              #99) Live Evil- it's just a series of bad quality recordings, except for Tony's solo on Side 3, yeah, I still listen to the ALBUM of this one.

                              Let me state my case. Undeniably, Heaven and Hell is a masterpiece as it quite literally changed the direction of not only Black Sabbath, but also Heavy Metal in general. Mob Rules cemented Sabbath's viability after the loss of Ozzy, a second STRONG as hell album from this new lineup. Amazing!

                              But, the quality that shines through on Dehumanizer and The Devil You know is breathtaking. Sober and drug free, this lineup took it to another level. The tracks from these 2 albums can crush diamonds. The lyrics are stronger and Geezer's bass could rupture a sternum. And Tony... my man crush Tony. LOL I honestly believe that his playing is tighter and heavier with each new release.

                              The Devil You Know is just loaded- Double the Pain, Bible Black, Fear, Turn of the Screw, Neverwhere, and my 2 favorite songs ever put back to back on ANY disc- Eating the Cannibals and Follow the Tears! So damn powerful. "I" and "Buried Alive" from Dehumanizer are 2 of the most powerful songs I have ever experienced.

                              Of course that's just my opinion... I could be wrong!
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