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Dehumanizer Vs. The Devil You Know

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  • Dehumanizer Vs. The Devil You Know

    These are the last two albums we received from the Dio line up and I was curious as to which was more popular. Stylistically they are more similar to one another more so than Heaven And Hell and Mob Rules, in the sense that they are both super heavy. Personally I prefer Dehumanizer. I can't really quite put my finger on it, but I just felt the song writing was better even though I think that TDYK may be slightly heavier. Also on Dehumanizer Dio's vocal performance was better I think and had more fury to it. He just had this bite on that album that is fuckin sweet.
    The Devil You Know
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    I like them both very much. It is so hard to categorize any of the H&H/BS cd's, as I love them all. In this poll, TDYK is my favorite.
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      The Devil You Know

      Can't argue with the logic from either entry above. Dehumanizer is incredible, but The Devil You Know just gives me shivers!!!!!

      If I made a list- it's possible 5 of my Top 10 Sab songs would come off these 2 albums. Double the Pain, Follow the Tears, Eating the Cannibals, I and Buried Alive. Incredible music.
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        Dehumanizer for me.

        It has a few duds on it such as Sins of the Father, but overall I think it has more really strong songs on it than The Devil You Know does.


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          I was a bit disappointed in TDYK actually ~ but maybe the expectations were built up too high (thanks to the internet)?? Personally I was hoping for something a bit more melodic something along the lines of the Heaven and Hell LP. versus the continuation of the Dehumanizer LP .......

          but anyways ...........

          IMO / On a scale of 1 - 10

          Dehumanizer = 7
          TDYK = 6

          btw ........
          H & H = 9
          Mob Rules = 8


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            It came out at the time I was getting into Sabbath. So it's the album that got me into them and Dio. Also, i'm not sure if it's really a fair vote though. Because Dehumanizer has been around for so much longer. It's had time stay with us or be there for us to listen to more than TDYK has so far.
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              I love both albums and listen to both quite often. Overall, Dehumanizer gets my vote.

              Every single track on BOTH albums are killer, but Dehumanizer has a heavier tone.
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                I find both these albums dreadfully dull and forgettable, and although I still have them in my collection, I can't see myself listening to them anymore.

                However, I'd vote for Dehumanizer. Overall, it's slightly less sucky than TDYK.
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                  No contest. Dehumanizer has always underwhelmed me. The production stinks. And all but 3 of the songs just don't grab me at all. TDYK has AMAZING production firstly. And while there's 2 songs on it, that I'm not so into, it has songs that I consider all time classics. Songs that stand up next to Mob Rules, Die Young, Southern Cross etc.
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                    Although I'm not entirely impressed with either of them, Dehumanizer at least has some bright spots. It refers back to Sabbath's original vibe here and there in spots. I, After All, Computer God and a few others are decent.

                    TDYK is the first and only time I've been truly bored throughout an entire album released by any one of those 4 guys. The only song with any real energy is Eating the Cannibals and by the time that track kicks on, I've dozed off a couple times. Boring, uninspired and completely disappointing. I gave it many chances for about a month and haven't really paid attention to it since.
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                      TDYK. Had the band continued Follow The Tears and Bible Black would be considered classics 5 years from now.


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                        This is really hard since both albums are absolutely briliant from start to finish...there isn't a single bad track on either one...But since Dehumanizer was my introduction to all things heavy I would have to choose that one.

                        But as said these are both brilliant albums from top notch musicians. Ronnie's vocals are soaring, his lyrics are brilliant as usual, Tony's guitar is heavy doomy and fast, Geezer's basslines are really in your face and Vinny's drumming is near perfect as well.


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                          I picked dehumanizer but it was a tough call. While I think that The Devil You Know has more strong tracks on it, the strong tracks on Dehumanizer outway it. Songs like Computer God, I, Letters From Earth, Sins of the Father, and Afterall are all fantastic tracks, although Afterall is waaay better on the live album than on dehumanizer itself.

                          Both very strong sabbath albums. Hard choice, but due to maybe nothing more than nostalgia Dehumanizer wins.
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                            The material, on every lyrical, conceptual and musical level, is much stronger on Dehumanizer than TDYK. I count songs like "Time Machine", "Computer God", "Buried Alive", "After All" and "I" as being among the very best songs in the band's discography. In contrast, TDYK produced only one song that I would rank among Sabbath's best - "Fear". The rest of the album features very little filler but a lot of above average rock songs that never quite rise to level of the inspired. It's much more workmanlike and a collection of songs rather than an unified statement. Dehumanizer feels tighter somehow, like they got much more mileage out of their collaboration. Perhaps the lack of tension I hear on TDYK compared to earlier albums reflects the better relations between the band members? Who knows.


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                              Dehumanizer by far.

                              Dehuamizer has some amazing songs. After All (The Dead), the epitome of doom. TV Crimes, my all time favorite up tempo Sabbath song of any era, heavy as all hell. Letters From Earth, another great doom song. Too Late, one of my all time favorite power ballads, and IMO Sabbath's most underrated song of any era. The soft verses are beautiful, the choruses are heavy and evil as hell, and the bridge is rocking. I, another amazing song.

                              Dio's vocals are a lot better on Dehumanizer, like someone said, they have a lot more fury, which fits the music great. On the Devil You Know, he has a much more melodic approach, which doesn't fit the dark and heavy music at all IMO. Also, I just can't get into The Devil You Know. Not one song excites me. One of the all time most disappointing albums for me.
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