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  • Rhino Radio City Box Set

    Apologies in advance if this isn’t allowed. I don’t post very often but do read the boards frequently with interest. Unfortunately the current corona virus situation has left my wife and I unable to work for 3 months. Needs must, so I’m selling some of my music collection. I’ve got a couple or rare sabbath bits that I’m going to sell. I’d much rather they went to a fan than just a collector, so thought I’d see if anyone might be interested here. One of the items is the Rhino Limited Edition boxset for Radio City. If memory serves me correctly, only 5000 were made. I Can’t find a link to the item on the rhino site, but have found a link to the same item being sold on eBay. Key difference is that mine is still sealed.

    I think I bought two copies, but I’ve only found one so far.

    I’m also going to be parting with a mint vinyl copy of Cross Purposes and excellent vinyl copies of The Eternal Idol and TYR on picture disc. These are both pretty rare too.If anyone is interested please let me know. Thanks all.
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