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Heaven and Hell/Mob Rules or Dehumanizer?

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    Re: Heaven and Hell/Mob Rules or Dehumanizer?

    Originally Posted By: celt I would love to be a fly on the wall in Tony Iommi's house in England as he and Ronnie write and construct songs for the album, which was supposed to begin this month. Perhaps they are working together at this very moment!
    My metallic imagination: I bet Iommi's house just looks like an ordinary manor on the outside, but once you step inside and close the door behind you it's suddenly a lot bigger, other-wordly dimension where magical fires burn against walls of granite and titanium, where bolts of thunder fly in the distant ceiling, where raised-relief Celtic cross images fill every flat surface, where Iommi sits upon his shining black onyx throne unleashing his powerful riffs...making the already mercy-begging Devil cry his eyes out! Not to mention the arrival of Dio, who roars out the storm that rests in his lungs, making the little demon minions run in terror and agonizing earache...In this place of majesty these two titans create what we call HEAVY METAL!!!

    The reality: it would be very magical, gut-wrenching and heart-pounding excitement to experience the writing and rehearsing sessions of the forthcoming album, on location and as "a fly on the wall"...

    Now that would be something to remember!!!

    "Hey, what did you do last spring?"

    "Well, I was a guest at Tony Iommi's house while he and Ronnie James Dio wrote the new Heaven And Hell album...I also met Geezer Butler and Vinny Appice when they came to play their contributions, we used to take "few" beers with Geezer and go through some of his past trips to the dark side, I also took few arm-wrestling matches with Vinny...Well, what did you do?"

    "Ummm...I...never mind!"
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      Re: Heaven and Hell/Mob Rules or Dehumanizer?

      Sabbathman's "metallic imagination" description of Tony and Ronnie writing and rehearsing the album in Tony's house was a thing of true beauty, and is probably a lot more accurate than we realize (or at least I'd like to think so).

      I'm sure most of you have seen this, but speaking of medieval-esque houses, here's a great video of Dio's house from back in about 1984.


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        Re: Heaven and Hell/Mob Rules or Dehumanizer?

        Hopefully a mix of early H&H and MR sound and new heavier, but no any "indutrial" shit. Sounds of the 2000's with flavours of 80's.


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          Re: Heaven and Hell/Mob Rules or Dehumanizer?

          Personally, thinking about it I'd love soundwise/production a combination Iommi's Fused album and Dio's Master Of The Moon. Or perhaps they could coax Martin Birch out of retirement for one more album or alternatively or perhaps use someone like Roy Z who got the best from Rob Halford/Bruce Dickinson/Sebastian Bach/Judas Priest/Helloween.

          Not being a musician I don't normally comment on this but I would love for Iommi to use the guitar tones he had on Psycho Man and the Born Again album. I also think it would be absolutely killer if Geezer brought back some of those bass effects from Born Again.

          Personally I'll be happy if the new album builds upon the three new songs but adds some time changes and variety so it's less plodding and monotonous - the kind of thing that was rife in the Ozzy era (Dirty Women, Sabbra Cadabra, Black Sabbath, Into the Void, Symptom of the Universe,Psycho Man) and evident in the initial Dio-run (Heaven and Hell, Die Young, Sign of the Southern Cross, Falling of the Edge of the World). I love the three new songs alot but they do seem to plod a little. The strongest would be a toss-up between Ear and Shadow - but Ear in the Wall is also excellent.
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