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Ronnie James Dio Just Passed Away

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  • Originally posted by pete00000 View Post
    Hungry For Heaven - Does anyone remember when it was featured on the soundtrack of some cheesy 80's movie? This was prior to its official release. I went to see that awful movie twice just to hear an 8 second clip of the song.

    The movie was "Vision Quest". Never seen the movie,, but I do have the soundtrack. And it's not on a format you might think...

    This is a scan of my copy I provided to the 8-Track Heaven site. The fifth song on the list is "Hungry for Heaven". More than likely this is the last time Dio (or possibly any member of the Sabbath tree) appears on 8-track.


    • Originally posted by Mental Vortex View Post
      The movie was "Vision Quest".
      Also known as "Crazy For You" in a lot of countries...


      • After few weeks... I still feel I lack of the sky or the sea. I still cannot believe it happened.
        I made my condolences in the FaceBook page, the day after He died.
        I feel... His Voice and His Artt will live on...
        Goodbye Dio.


        • R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio- The Man on the Silver Mountain.
          I don't really think that I can possibly express my sadness regarding this loss. Dio has been a part of my musical 'diet' for 2 years now (in Sabbath, Rainbow and solo). He has been consistent throughout his entire career, and was at his best when he left us.

          R.I.P. The King of Rock and Roll
          Where can I run to now? The joke is on me


          • Sorry Im late DIO was one amazine voice in all Metal history and he well deeply will be missed from all metal heads till eternity!!

            This is for the momory of RONNIE!!!