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What si your favorite musical memory of Ronnie James Dio?

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  • What si your favorite musical memory of Ronnie James Dio?

    He's done many great songs but at this sad moment, I remember Voodoo. It's not great because of showcasing his vocal range, but rather that I liked the tone of his voice.

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    I have a bunch of them.

    1. First time hearing Heaven And Hell (the album), and changed my mind on future singers of Black Sabbath.
    2. Listening to Stand Up And Shout's live Dio track Sacred Heart. Powerful stuff.
    3. 2007, I'll never forget that concert. Machine Head, Megadeth, and Black Sabbath with Appice and Dio.
    4. Listening to Holy Diver album on my Prom Night, driving into the night, grabing a chocolate milkshake from Steak N' Shake.

    RIP Ronnie James Dio.
    "Even with so much bad blood between us... It's funny... Now that I'm actually face to face with him again... The hatred is gone. All I feel is a deep sense of longing. And pity. Did Zero really hate me? Or... Did he fear me?" - Big Boss


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      For me it was seeing him sing Man on the Silver Mountain & Mistreated in the Rainbow days - what a voice

      RIP Ronnie
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        Learning that he was rejoining Sabbath for the Dio Years and that they would make three new songs. Those are the last Dio songs under the official Black Sabbath flag. The Devil Cried...


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          My mothers Boyfriend playing Gates Of Babylon when i was eleven and being mesmerised by its singer

          This is really devastating


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            Some of my highlights:
            -First time listening to Dio. I started listening to Sabbath with Dio because I wanted to go see H&H on the first '07 leg, but just because of Tony and Geezer, I thought Dio was lame at the time. I was knocked sideways instantly when I put on Heaven And Hell and heard Neon Knights. I knew right then Dio was always the best singer for Sabbath.
            -Binghamton '07 - Dio's "homecoming" show only a half hour from his hometown. He gave a really nice little speech between The Mob Rules and Children Of The Sea.
            -Hearing Bible Black for the first time - my first (And sadly only) opportunity to experience new Dio music as it was released.
            -Cincinnati '09 - The best concert I've ever been to. Bumped horns with Dio during The Mob Rules.


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              The entire Heaven and Hell album will be with me the rest of my life.


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                Originally posted by sn0wb1ind0zzy View Post
                The entire Heaven and Hell album will be with me the rest of my life.
                Same Here!


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                  I was too young to see RJD in his first go-round w Sabbath, and missed him for Dehumanizer... I couldn't stand Dio's solo work at all. Until Magica. I've said it before - I think Magica is the best album Sabbath never made.

                  It was in the last 10 or so years (since Magica's release) that I really came to appreciate the mastery of his singing, writing, overall performance, and ETHIC more than anything else.

                  When news came of his third try with Sabbath (H&H, whatever, it's Sabbath), I was elated - And between the Dio Years, Metal Masters and TDYK tours, I managed to see them 8 times. Today, more than any other day, I am SO glad I did. I was present for the RCMH show, and got to shake his hand once after the first Mohegan Sun gig, and that will stay with me always. I told him "I'm really looking forward to the next 'Magica,'" and he said "Me too, thank you." I'm absolutely gutted that we won't get to hear it, but I'm grateful that I had the opportunity to express my appreciation to him directly.

                  Outside of my memories of seeing him live, both solo and with H&H, this is the way I'd like to remember him:

                  God bless Ronnie James Dio.

                  All the best,


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                    Seeing Sabbath on the Dehumanizer tour in NYC. My favorite singer with my favorite band. I was too young the 1st time with Sabbath, and even though I had seen him solo before, this was the most excited I had ever been for a concert before. I remember during the intro (E5150), I was shaking with anticipation. Then Tony walked on stage with the spotlight on him and launched into the opening riff to The Mob Rules. Pure ecstacy....
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                      When I bought Heaven and Hell (the album). Never thought Ozzy could be replaced, but that album was great! Also, seeing him in Cincinnatti fronting Heaven and Hell was a concert I will never forget as long as I live. It was awesome.
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                        The first time I dropped the stylus on "Neon Knights" back in 1981...

                        Seeing him live:

                        Dio - Fort Wayne, 1985
                        Black Sabbath - Chicago, 1992
                        Heaven and Hell - Detroit, 2009

                        I knew this was going to happen, just like I knew cancer was killing my dad, but when it actually happens, you're still never quite ready for it.
                        He is not here. He has risen!


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                          The first time I saw Dio was on The Last In Line Tour at Nassau Coliseum. I think it was third concert I had ever attended. I was so blown away. Saw him many times after that. One of the top metal frontmen of all time. I am so bummed . RIP RJD.


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                            So many, in order of how they happened. #8 is my second if not my favorite

                            1. Listening to Heaven and Hell, Christmas Eve 1980. First time I hard the album. Instant fan of "Dio Sabbath." I was 11 years old.

                            2. Going to my fist Dio show 1988.

                            3. Going to my fist Black Sabbath Show, 1992 on the Dehumanizer tour.

                            4. Hearing news of the "Dio Years" reunion for the (then) 2 new songs, later to become 3 songs.

                            5. News of the 2007 "Heaven & Hell" tour, and then seeing them twice (Cleveland & Detroit) on back to back nights.

                            6. 2008 Metal Master Tour.

                            7. New album! "The Devl You Know." It was a dream come true for me to have new DIo Sabbath music.

                            8. TDYK tour. saw them 3 times in 8 days! Detroit, Cleveland and then on the final night of the show (and now it is H&H's final show ever :( ) in Atlantic City, NJ. Drove 629 miles to see the final show. I was fortunate enough to be front & center (along with Serpitine from the boards) right in front of Ronnie. Closest I have ever been for a concert, and for my all time favorite band & Sabbath line-up. It was the greatest shows I have witnessed live, and looking back, is bittersweet, as it will be the final time I will ever see RJD live.

                            Ronnie your music has meant so much to me over the years. You will be greatly missed.

                            My prayers go out to the entire Dio famly.
                            "I can honestly say itís truly been an honor to play at his side for all these years, his music will live on forever." ~ Tony Iommi (Speaking of Ronnie James Dio)


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                              This show:


                              May 16, 2010. RIP, RJD.