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How many times have you seen Ronnie in concert?

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  • Saw him on the Strange Highways Tour, an intermitten tour, the Majica tour, and the first Heaven & Hell tour. Wonderful nights!


    • Those of you who know me know my stance on Dio, but i have actually seen him live once, when he was a special guest with Deep Purple when they revisited the Conserto-show back in 2000 or whenever it was. I have to add that was when i was young enough to enjoy that kind of semi-theatrical vocals. The three of us who went agreed it was a great show, even thinking Dio was better than Purple that night...

      Guess you didn't see that one coming... ;-)
      95% of everything i say is pure bullshit just for the fun of it. The other 95% is damn serious!
      Til įrs ok frišar ok forn sišr


      • Only once, Scared Heart tour 85, with Keel (lol) @ Providence Civic Center (rip).

        I could have gone to that Heaven and Hell show deranged mentioned above but didn't go, d'oh.