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How many times have you seen Ronnie in concert?

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    Only once, fronting Heaven and Hell, in Cincinatti.
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      It kills me that I only got the opportunity to see him two times: 2007 and 2009 with Black Sabbath.
      Best concerts I have ever attended.


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        Could've saw the guys on August 11, 2009, but decided not to like an idiot.


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          Unfortunately didn't get the chance :(


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            Just once: September 14, 2007, and now I am doubly glad I did.


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              2 X Dio
              3X Sabbath


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                8 times and now, in retrospect, it seems just too few. The possibility of seeing the most exiting and energizing performer live on stage is forever gone, it's an inner pain I can't even begin to describe here. However, I have many fond memories of Ronnie performing live, always the most awaited artist of the year. Luckily I got at least these 8 magnificent concerts:

                Dio --- July 18th 2004 --- Tuska Open Air Metal Festival, Helsinki, Finland

                Dio --- June 10th 2005 --- Sauna Open Air Metal Festival, Tampere, Finland

                Dio --- December 9th 2005 --- Christmas Is Heavy, Jyvaskyla, Finland

                Dio --- July 1st 2006 --- Miljoonarock, Tuuri, Finland

                Heaven & Hell --- June 9th 2007 --- Sauna Open Air Metal Festival, Tampere, Finland

                Heaven & Hell --- June 10th 2007 --- Icehall, Helsinki, Finland

                Dio --- June 7th 2008 --- Water & Rock Festival, Lahti, Finland

                Heaven & Hell --- June 2nd 2009 --- Icehall, Helsinki, Finland (note: 3 links here)

                After the last Heaven & Hell concert, I had the priviledge of meeting Ronnie James Dio at the PSOF fan meeting. Tapio Keihanen was at the helm of our Dio group, the whole meeting was pushed to razor's edge until the last moment, I got the confirmation by SMS from the PSOF head while the concert itself was still running through its last songs. When the final hits were played and the band started making its final greetings for the frenzied crowd, I left in hurry to get my gift montage for Ronnie and I had to literally jump over the crazed people who wrestled on the floor to get some guitar picks or drum sticks! When the hall was starting to be empty, we gathered for the meeting and got the backstage passes and were escorted to a cafeteria to wait for the meeting to start. As a surprising bonus, Vinnie Appice dropped by to meet us before Dio's manager came to get us. I also saw Tony Iommi at the corridor greeting his group of fans.

                Then we were escorted to Dio's private backstage room, soon Dio emerged from another room, happy and welcoming us with a glass of wine in his hand. Even though I was the only new guy among the group, he welcomed me like I was his best friend and genuinely appreciated my humble gift and wanted a decent photo to be taken. He happily signed my copies of The Dio Years and The Devil You Know, I was the only one who brought anything to be signed. He was also very eager to answer any questions that I managed to form and to join in another photos as well, the classy fan-loving guy he was.

                I had to properly frame the prized photo with Dio, the frames look like chromed steel and dark radiant stone, a fitting choice for a treasure like this.

                The greatest vocalist, the greatest gentleman, Ronnie James Dio.
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                  1981 Louisville Gardens first concert ever with Black Sabbath
                  1984 Louisville Gardens Last in Line tour
                  1985 Freedom Hall Sacret Heart tour
                  1992 Cincinnati Gardens Dehuminzer tour
                  1994 Toy Tiger Louisville KY Strange Highways tour
                  1996 Toy Tiger Angry Machines tour
                  1998 A1A Lexington KY Infernio Live tour
                  2003 VIrgina Beach Kill the Dragon tour
                  2007 Allstate Arena Chacigo The Dio years tour
                  2008 Post Gazette Pavilion Pittsburg PA and Homdel NJ Monsters of Metal tour
                  2009 Riverbend Music Center and Nissan Pavillian The Devel You Know tour

                  At the two Toy Tiger and A1A shows I met him and got his autograph on my LA 59 album and Inferno CD.


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                    For me it's a bunch as well - 18 total & that's still too few

                    1. Austin 1978 Long Live Rock N Roll Tour - opened for Reo Speedwagon - somewhere I have an old picture of Ronnie holding up one of the Renaissance records Disco Sucks T-shirts that was thrown on the stage - I remember him reading the shirt to the crowd & thanking the store for a great t-shirt

                    Black Sabbath
                    2. Black N Blue tour San Antonio 1980
                    3. Mob Rules - San Antonio 1982
                    4. Dehumanizer - Bronco Bowl 1992

                    Dio Band
                    5. Holy Diver - 1983 Bronco Bowl (after the show I waited by the buses & got my Holy Diver & Elf LPís signed - 1st time I met him & I remember him telling me I wasnít old enough to own the Elf records)
                    6. Last in Line - 1984 Reunion Arena
                    7. Sacred Heart - 1985 Reunion Arena
                    8. Intermission - 1986 Texxas Jam = Cotton Bowl (headliner wase Van Hagar - great shows the old Texxas Jams wish they would come back)
                    9. Dream Evil - 1988 Reunion - Thanks to Warner Brother records I got a stage pass for this show to get something signed for the Record Store that I used to work at (my sister owned the store with her husband) - Remember after a long wait in the bowels of Reunion Arena someone finally noticed that I had a retailer pass & I got into a waiting area where the band came out to sign my poster for the store & talk to me a bit - had a great time talking about the Rainbow show I saw with Ronnie - one funny thing I remember is Ronnie asking me to spell the storeís name and being a bit embarressed by asking because the store was called Renaissance Records & he wrote so many songs about the renaissance era & didnít want to mispell it. What a great night - one I will never forget
                    10, Lock Up The wolves - 1990 Bronco Bowl
                    11. Strange Highways- 1994 Dallas City Limits Parking lot (somewhere I have some not so great pictures that I will need to find)
                    12. Inferno Tour - 1998 Starplex - opened for Iron Maiden
                    13. Magica - 2000 Sunken Gardens San Antonio - went to see this show in San Antonio because Leg Diamond & Budgie were on the bill instead of the Dallas show with Sebastian Bach & LA Guns - Remember Budgie just played smoking set
                    14. Killing the dragon - 2002 - Starplex with Deep Purple
                    15. Killing the Dragon - 2002 - Canyon Club
                    16. Killing the Dragon - 2003 - Starplex with Iron Maiden

                    Heaven and Hell
                    17. Dio Years tour - 2007 Nokia with Megadeth & Machine Head - took my wife to her first show seeing Dio - remember she was blown away by his singing & couldnít beleive he was the same age as her father
                    18. Metal Masters - 2008 Starplex with JP & Motorhead - unfortunately this is the last time I saw Dio since The Devil You Know tour didnít hit Dallas
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                      I got to see Ronnie twice. Both times with Black Sabbath:

                      11/03/07 - Heaven and Hell 2007 Tour, Vancouver, BC (First show with Ronnie since Dehumanizer!)

                      07/08/09 - The Devil You Know Tour, Vancouver, BC

                      I cannot tell you how many times I thought about seeing him for the third time. I thought about it constantly, and I was certain it would happen.

                      Seeing Ronnie perform in the flesh only made it clear that I'd never see something this great for a really long time, if ever.

                      I was fortunate enough to meet Ronnie in 2007 right after it had just been announced that he'd be reuniting with Tony, Geezer and Vinny and kicking the tour off in Vancouver. It was immediate to me that he was an incredibly passionate human being when he reached out and grabbed my hand, nearly shaking it to the point of minor injury, and asked "Hey, man, how's it going?". Our encounter was brief, but his sincerity and his kindness made it feel like a lifetime. It was a moment that stood out for me even in the midst of it, and it is one I carry with me for the rest of my life.

                      Thank you, Ronnie.


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                        Zero. I am one of the unfortunate saps who never got to see him. I was planning for TDYK tour but they never came to Texas.


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                          Twice. Once on the Last in Line tour in Providence, RI in 1984ish, and last summer in Boston, which, I think, was his second to last show. I'm glad I rediscovered how great his music is after the Radio City CD came out.
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                            Mob Rules tour Omaha Ne, Last in Line tour in Omaha, Dream Evil tour (twice in Germany) one was at Monsters of Rock 70,000 people. Dehumanizer tour Omaha. and Strange Highways at a bowling alley in Omaha. It didnt matter if it 70,000 or 500 people. He was the BEST. Always a Great show!


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                              Originally posted by kamikazetom View Post
                              For me it's a bunch as well - 18 total & that's still too few
                              Good god, man - that's highly impressive. Rainbow too, eh? I was just too young to see that. Looks like my possible neighbor kamikazetom is the king of seeing Dio perform. As I listed, I was at many of those same shows, and I'd forgotten about the Canyon Club event (which was great) so I'm up to 14 now. Thanks for reminding me of that....gotta go update my spreadsheet.


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                                Twice, once in 2006 with Dio and once last year with Heaven & Hell, both gigs in Buenos Aires.
                                Not nearly enough.