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How many times have you seen Ronnie in concert?

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    I checked my old list and found eight times for myself. More than I thought! Unable to see him on LOTW or Dehuminizer due to lack of transportation but was no problem after those tours.

    1994 -

    September 10th, Blind Mellon's, Buffalo. NY - Dio/Atomic Opera - first time seeing Dio in person was up close! Awesome to finally hear H&H live, even if it was just the last part of the song. It was also the one and only time I had the chance to meet him...and didn't. I went with one of our guys from my college radio staion who got us backstage passes, so after the show we hung out and waited for the band to show. And waited, and waited, and...well, I'm not sure what happened but we waited quite a while and he didn't make itout there. Since it was late and we had a decent drive back, we had to leave. Oh if only...but it wasn't meant to be.

    2000 -
    April 24th - Annie's, Cincinnati, OH - Dio/The Unband - not a great venue but a great show regardless. First of my three Magica tour shows.
    November 16th - The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA - Dio/Yngwie Malmsteen/Doro - I happened to be in the San Jose area on business that week and saw this show the night before I headed home. No singer for Yngwie as he was in between them (long story) so a unique show for him. Dio - about 1 hr 45 minutes of GREAT material.

    2001 -

    February 21st - Bogart's, Cincinnati, OH - Dio/Lynch Mob/Armored Saint - Along with great sets by the openers, this was by far the best of the three Magica shows. TWO HOURS of great, great stuff. Full H&H song, Rainbow, best of the solo material, couldn't ask for more!

    2002 -

    June 16th - Polaris Amphitheater, Columbus, OH - Dio opening for Scorpions and Deep Purple - short set but still good. First time seeing the other legends as well, so it was a treat.

    2003 -
    August 9th - Polaris Amphitheater, Columbus, OH - Dio opening for Iron Maiden with Motorhead - Quality show by all three bands.

    2007 -
    May 11th - Time Warner Amphitheater, Cleveland, OH - Heaven & Hell with Megadeth and Machine Head - FINALLY!!! Call it Sabbath 'cuz it was - Ronnie with Tony, Geezer, and Vinnie. With three good friends, lots of beer, and a hotel room to crash in, it was a GREAT nice to say the least.

    2008 -
    Aug 16 - Post-Gazette Pavilion, Pittsburgh, PA - Heaven & Hell with Judas Priest, Motorhead, Testament - I wrote a review of this show a while back and it still stands. Great performance again. I can't say enough that I was very fortunate I had the chance to see this lineup twice. Never again unfortunately.

    Folks, this is why you can't bear grudges for so long against someone. Imagine if Tony and Ronnie never buried the hatchet four years ago and got back together. We'd never have what we had over the past few years. RIP Ronnie. We miss you already.


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      Lost count, but still not as often as I could have (which I now regret greatly)!

      I still remember seeing his first tour with Black Sabbath supporting the Heaven & Hell album, Bill Ward still on drums - Philadelphia PA (the same place they appeared at a few years ago - the now demolished Spectrum).

      Ozzy had been SUCH a disappointment on the last tour (barely able to stand, let alone sing). Damn, what an improvement! And different, the sound had somehow evolved. Dio didn't have to imitate Ozzy. When he was on top of it, Ozzy was great. But Ronnie, he was always a professional and never failed to give a good performance.

      Oh and on bearing grudges, I don't think I forgave Ozzy for his lousy performances during the "Never Say Die" tour until about 2005 (when I finally got to see him perform VERY well with Black Sabbath at Camden NJ).
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        I saw him 3 times, once with the Dio band and twice with Heaven & Hell. Always good.


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          1992: Cleveland (I was only 2 at the time)
          5 times in 2007
          twice in 2009


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            Can't remember all the dates, sorry...

            Once for Magica in Hartford (was supposed to be twice, I stood outside NY unable to get in)
            Once for Killing the Dragon in Worcester
            Once for Master of the Moon, I *think* in Worcester

            Heaven & Hell, not necessarily in order (I'm old):
            London, Ontario w Megadeth
            Radio City Music Hall, NY
            Mohegan Sun, CT w Megadeth
            Lowell, MA w Megadeth
            Mohegan Sun, CT w Alice Cooper
            Mohegan Sun, CT w Testament & Priest
            Wallingford CT for TDYK
            Boston, MA for TDYK

            I only wish it was more.

            All the best,
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              Originally posted by CaptainYowza View Post
              Good god, man - that's highly impressive. Rainbow too, eh? I was just too young to see that. Looks like my possible neighbor kamikazetom is the king of seeing Dio perform. As I listed, I was at many of those same shows, and I'd forgotten about the Canyon Club event (which was great) so I'm up to 14 now. Thanks for reminding me of that....gotta go update my spreadsheet.
              Yeah, I would have loved to have seen actual Rainbow with Ronnie. That's cool. Ask Tapio, I bet his number of times seeing dio is in triple digits, easy.
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                You can't believe how terrible I feel now after deciding to skip Heaven and Hell last they came to town...


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                  I've only seen him twice, but both times were superb. Dio was definitely an amazing frontman.

                  Dio - 2004 - Detroit, MI
                  Heaven & Hell - 2007 - Cleveland, OH


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                    Just once with Heaven & Hell in Copenhagen, 2007.

                    Not only do I now feel very fortunate to have been there, I also had a couple of moments with Dio. When he began his stage rap to introduce Voodoo, I couldn't help myself and shouted "VOODOO!". Dio interrupted himself and said "you've got it! See, he knows what it's called!". Throughout the show, he also returned quite a few of my "devil's horns"-signs.

                    He was a class act frontman, no other way to put it. I will always be in awe of how animate and energetic he was on stage and how he always seemed to get a kick out of singing in front of even the smallest audiences.

                    Metal has lost its voice and music in general has lost a gentleman and a fantastic entertainer.


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                      13 times

                      1992 BLACK SABBATH The Civic Center. Atlanta, GA

                      1998 DIO The Outer Edge. Marietta, GA

                      2000 DIO The Masquerade. Atlanta, GA

                      2002 DIO Lakewood Amphitheater. Atlanta, GA

                      2002 DIO The Masquerade. Atlanta, GA

                      2004 DIO The Masquerade. Atlanta, GA

                      2007 HEAVEN AND HELL Air Canada Centre. Toronto, ON

                      2007 HEAVEN AND HELL Radio City Music Hall. New York, NY

                      2007 HEAVEN AND HELL Grasop Metal Meeting. Dessel, Belgium

                      2007 HEAVEN AND HELL St Petersburg Times Forum. Tampa, FL

                      2008 HEAVEN AND HELL Nissan Pavillion. Bristow, VA

                      2008 HEAVEN AND HELL Amphitheater. Dallas, TX

                      2009 HEAVEN AND HELL Red Rocks Amphitheater. Morrison, CO


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                        I've seen him only once,

                        June 26, 2009 at Graspop festival Belgium.

                        A gig to remember! It's so sad he died...


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                          5 times for me:
                          20.09.1998 - Festivalna Hall - Sofia, Bulgaria (as DIO)
                          07.07.2005 - Kaliakra Stadium - Kavarna, Bulgaria (as DIO)
                          31.12.2006 - City Square - Kavarna, Bulgaria - New Years Evening (as DIO)
                          25.06.2007 - T-Mobile Arena - Prague, Czech Republic (as Heaven and Hell)
                          28.06.2007 - Kaliakra Stadium - Kavarna, Bulgaria (as Heaven and Hell)

                          I met him in person on 31.12.2006, on press conference which he gave before the New Years Evening concert. I asked him 5 or 6 questions. You can see 2 of them here:

                          That's me with Him:


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                            105 times:

                            01. Ronnie James Dio: 15.08.1987, Hämeenlinna, Finland
                            02. Ronnie James Dio: 29.05.1990, London, UK
                            03. Ronnie James Dio: 02.09.1992, Edinburgh, UK (as Black Sabbath)
                            04. Ronnie James Dio: 20.11.1993, Neumarkt, Germany
                            05. Ronnie James Dio: 22.11.1993, Osnabrück, Germany
                            06. Ronnie James Dio: 23.11.1993, Offenbach, Germany
                            07. Ronnie James Dio: 24.11.1993, Ludwigsburg, Germany
                            08. Ronnie James Dio: 25.11.1993, München, Germany
                            09. Ronnie James Dio: 27.11.1993, Birkelbach, Germany
                            10. Ronnie James Dio: 28.11.1993, Hannover, Germany
                            11. Ronnie James Dio: 30.11.1993, Augsburg, Germany
                            12. Ronnie James Dio: 01.12.1993, Zürich, Switzerland
                            13. Ronnie James Dio: 04.12.1993, Vienna, Austria
                            14. Ronnie James Dio: 21.02.1997, Helsinki, Finland
                            15. Ronnie James Dio: 23.02.1997, Stockholm, Sweden
                            16. Ronnie James Dio: 24.02.1997, Oslo, Norway
                            17. Ronnie James Dio: 25.02.1997, Gothenburg, Sweden
                            18. Ronnie James Dio: 23.03.1997, London, UK
                            19. Ronnie James Dio: 19.05.1998, Bakersfield, CA, USA
                            20. Ronnie James Dio: 20.05.1998, Yucaipa, CA, USA
                            21. Ronnie James Dio: 22.05.1998, San Francisco, CA, USA
                            22. Ronnie James Dio: 23.05.1998, Las Vegas, NV, USA
                            23. Ronnie James Dio: 24.05.1998, Scottsdale, AZ, USA
                            24. Ronnie James Dio: 25.05.1998, San Diego, CA, USA
                            25. Ronnie James Dio: 28.05.1998, Albuquerque, NM, USA
                            26. Ronnie James Dio: 29.05.1998, Denver, CO, USA
                            27. Ronnie James Dio: 31.05.1998, Oklahoma City, OK, USA
                            28. Ronnie James Dio: 01.06.1998, Kansas City, MO, USA
                            29. Ronnie James Dio: 02.06.1998, Wichita, KS, USA
                            30. Ronnie James Dio: 03.06.1998, Sauget, IL, USA
                            31. Ronnie James Dio: 05.06.1998, Medina, MN, USA
                            32. Ronnie James Dio: 06.06.1998, Milwaukee, WI, USA
                            33. Ronnie James Dio: 08.06.1998, Rantoul, IL, USA
                            34. Ronnie James Dio: 09.06.1998, Pekin, IL, USA
                            35. Ronnie James Dio: 11.06.1998, Fort Wayne, IN, USA
                            36. Ronnie James Dio: 12.06.1998, Cincinnati, OH, USA
                            37. Ronnie James Dio: 13.06.1998, Louisville, KY, USA
                            38. Ronnie James Dio: 15.06.1998, West Springfield, VA, USA
                            39. Ronnie James Dio: 16.06.1998, Riviera Beach, MD, USA
                            40. Ronnie James Dio: 18.06.1998, Buffalo, NY, USA
                            41. Ronnie James Dio: 19.06.1998, Old Bridge, NJ, USA
                            42. Ronnie James Dio: 29.10.1998, Gävle, Sweden
                            43. Ronnie James Dio: 30.10.1998, Karlstad, Sweden
                            44. Ronnie James Dio: 31.10.1998, Gothenburg, Sweden
                            45. Ronnie James Dio: 01.11.1998, Oslo, Norway
                            46. Ronnie James Dio: 03.11.1998, Helsinki, Finland
                            47. Ronnie James Dio: 04.03.1999, St. Petersburg, Russia
                            48. Ronnie James Dio: 05.03.1999, Moscow, Russia
                            49. Ronnie James Dio: 12.06.1999, Sölvesborg, Sweden
                            50. Ronnie James Dio: 25.09.1999, London, UK (as Deep Purple)
                            51. Ronnie James Dio: 26.09.1999, London, UK (as Deep Purple)
                            52. Ronnie James Dio: 18.11.1999, Stockholm, Sweden
                            53. Ronnie James Dio: 19.11.1999, Norrköping, Sweden
                            54. Ronnie James Dio: 20.11.1999, Karlskoga, Sweden
                            55. Ronnie James Dio: 21.11.1999, Sundsvall, Sweden
                            56. Ronnie James Dio: 23.11.1999, Umeå, Sweden
                            57. Ronnie James Dio: 24.11.1999, Luleå, Sweden
                            58. Ronnie James Dio: 26.11.1999, Oulu, Finland
                            59. Ronnie James Dio: 27.11.1999, Turku, Finland
                            60. Ronnie James Dio: 29.11.1999, Helsinki, Finland
                            61. Ronnie James Dio: 21.03.2000, Ventura, CA, USA
                            62. Ronnie James Dio: 23.03.2000, Seattle, WA, USA
                            63. Ronnie James Dio: 24.03.2000, Seattle, WA, USA
                            64. Ronnie James Dio: 25.03.2000, Portland, OR, USA
                            65. Ronnie James Dio: 27.03.2000, San Francisco, CA, USA
                            66. Ronnie James Dio: 10.06.2000, Sölvesborg, Sweden
                            67. Ronnie James Dio: 06.10.2000, Gothenburg, Sweden (as Deep Purple)
                            68. Ronnie James Dio: 07.10.2000, Stockholm, Sweden (as Deep Purple)
                            69. Ronnie James Dio: 06.05.2001, Oulu, Finland
                            70. Ronnie James Dio: 07.05.2001, Helsinki, Finland
                            71. Ronnie James Dio: 18.05.2001, London, UK
                            72. Ronnie James Dio: 04.10.2002, London, UK
                            73. Ronnie James Dio: 05.10.2002, Wolverhampton, UK
                            74. Ronnie James Dio: 06.10.2002, Manchester, UK
                            75. Ronnie James Dio: 06.07.2003, Turku, Finland
                            76. Ronnie James Dio: 18.07.2004, Helsinki, Finland
                            77. Ronnie James Dio: 04.08.2004, Karlsruhe, Germany
                            78. Ronnie James Dio: 10.06.2005, Tampere, Finland
                            79. Ronnie James Dio: 08.12.2005, Helsinki, Finland
                            80. Ronnie James Dio: 09.12.2005, Jyväskylä, Finland
                            81. Ronnie James Dio: 10.12.2005, Oulu, Finland
                            82. Ronnie James Dio: 01.07.2006, Tuuri, Finland
                            83. Ronnie James Dio: 28.08.2006, Copenhagen, Denmark
                            84. Ronnie James Dio: 29.08.2006, Århus, Denmark
                            85. Ronnie James Dio: 24.03.2007, London, ONT, Canada (as Heaven And Hell)
                            86. Ronnie James Dio: 09.06.2007, Tampere, Finland (as Heaven And Hell)
                            87. Ronnie James Dio: 10.06.2007, Helsinki, Finland (as Heaven And Hell)
                            88. Ronnie James Dio: 13.11.2007, Birmingham, UK (as Heaven And Hell)
                            89. Ronnie James Dio: 14.11.2007, Cardiff, UK (as Heaven And Hell)
                            90. Ronnie James Dio: 15.11.2007, Nottingham, UK (as Heaven And Hell)
                            91. Ronnie James Dio: 17.11.2007, Plymouth, UK (as Heaven And Hell)
                            92. Ronnie James Dio: 18.11.2007, Bournemouth, UK (as Heaven And Hell)
                            93. Ronnie James Dio: 06.06.2008, Oulu, Finland
                            94. Ronnie James Dio: 07.06.2008, Lahti, Finland
                            95. Ronnie James Dio: 30.05.2009, Moscow, Russia (as Heaven And Hell)
                            96. Ronnie James Dio: 31.05.2009, Moscow, Russia (as Heaven And Hell)
                            97. Ronnie James Dio: 01.06.2009, St. Petersburg, Russia (as Heaven And Hell)
                            98. Ronnie James Dio: 02.06.2009, Helsinki, Finland (as Heaven And Hell)
                            99. Ronnie James Dio: 14.06.2009, Karlsruhe, Germany (as Heaven And Hell)
                            100. Ronnie James Dio: 16.06.2009, Bonn, Germany (as Heaven And Hell)
                            101. Ronnie James Dio: 25.07.2009, Oulu, Finland (as Heaven And Hell)
                            102. Ronnie James Dio: 07.08.2009, Vancouver, BC, Canada (as Heaven And Hell)
                            103. Ronnie James Dio: 08.08.2009, Seattle, WA, USA (as Heaven And Hell)
                            104. Ronnie James Dio: 10.08.2009, San Francisco, CA, USA (as Heaven And Hell)
                            105. Ronnie James Dio: 11.08.2009, Los Angeles, CA, USA (as Heaven And Hell)

                            Before anyone decides to comment about band names, the above list is a cut-n-paste from a separate posting I made a while ago. If there is no "as hee-hee-haa" above, it means the band was Dio.



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                              I feel very happy that I got see Ronnie live for two times at least:

                              2007 H&H Offenbach, Germany

                              that was a hell of a trip for me. I arrived at the venue very early (some guy I never met before gave me ride to the place), hours before the show actually started.
                              the show itself was the best I've ever seen so far; "children of the sea" was the second song on the setlist & as Ronny started to sing the lyrics..."in the misty morning..." I felt the tears flowing down my eyes. that was really, really an intense show for me, finally seeing SABBATH reunited with the best singer they ever had (just my opinion; I've also seen them with Tony Martin & Ozzy before).
                              after the show, I had a little chat with with Scott Warren, telling him that I missed "Lonely is the word" (haha). also got the chance to get my ticket-stubb signed by tony iommi, who took a moment to sign stuff outside (in the rain!).
                              after that, I had to take a taxi to frankfurt, and tried to catch some "sleep" on a seat at the local trainstation (together with other weirdos arround me); my train left at 5:30 on the morning, 4 hours later I finally arrived home. Have to admit I skipped school that day...haha.

                              2009 H&H Karlsruhe, Germany

                              again, another great show. can't say which one of the both I saw I liked more. but this was - for sure - the LOUDEST show I ever attended. ---> Tony's guitar!! Glad I had some ear-protection with me...haha.

                              One thing I never did manage was to see DIO (the band) ...I planned on seeing them in Reichenbach (Germany) last winter, but that tour got cancelled as we all know.


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                                Originally posted by diotapio View Post
                                50. Ronnie James Dio: 25.09.1999, London, UK (as Deep Purple)
                                51. Ronnie James Dio: 26.09.1999, London, UK (as Deep Purple)
                                67. Ronnie James Dio: 06.10.2000, Gothenburg, Sweden (as Deep Purple)
                                68. Ronnie James Dio: 07.10.2000, Stockholm, Sweden (as Deep Purple)
                                Can you explain, please?