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Greatest legacy of Ronnie James Dio?

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    Overall, I believe that Ronnie's most significant work (artistically speaking) was created with Black Sabbath. For the record, he (and Vinny) should've been inducted alongside the original lineup in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2006. This is arguably the biggest snub in Rock Hall history to date!

    That said, I can understand why the majority on this poll felt his overall contributions to popular music are his true legacy. Ronnie's ability to achieve unprecedented musical excellence in three different bands during his lifetime is nothing less than astounding.

    R.J.D.-- R.I.P. ...


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      I chose "his overall contribution to music."

      The first time I heard him was when I bought Heaven and Hell in 1981.

      That motivated me to check out his Rainbow albums.

      I was shocked when he left Black Sabbath, but when I first heard Holy Dive it allayed all my fears that he wouldn't still be putting out quality music.

      I saw him three times: Dio, 1985, Fort Wayne, Indiana; Black Sabbath, 1992, Chicago; Heaven And Hell, 2009, Detroit.

      My favourite singer ever, with Glenn Hughes as second.

      But also remember his philanthropic work: Hear 'N Aid and Children of the Night.

      He is irreplaceable.
      He is not here. He has risen!


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        Originally posted by DiosSword View Post
        He is irreplaceable.
        Irreplaceable is right.
        "Without Black Sabbath there never would have been an Ozzy, and without Ozzy there never would have been a Black Sabbath"
        "If there ever was a band whose voice is so significant and distinct, that band is Black Sabbath and the voice is Ozzy Osbourne"
        ________________________________________OzzyIsDio_ (YoY)