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Geezer Speaks out on Dio

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  • Geezer Speaks out on Dio

    Geezer Butler has posted a statement on his own website regarding the death of Ronnie James Dio. It's no secret that I've done Geezer's website for awhile, and during this time, I've learned that he's a pretty private person. When you get to know him, he's pretty cool, but generally he's a pretty private man. That's why the statement he posted on his site is extremely cool, as it goes into a lot of detail regarding Ronnie's last days, and Geezer's own thoughts on Ronald (I never heard Geezer call him Ronnie).

    Anyway, due to the stress placed on Geezer's site, I'm copying the entire statement here. I should have a tribute of my own up in a day or so with something very cool in it, provided I can get clearance to use it. More on that later. Read what Geezer had to say.

    You're gonna want to read that.
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    I can hardly stand feeling someone's loss like that, but thanks for posting it.


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      Thanks for posting and letting us know this is up on Geezer's site. Put a tear in my eye reading it. I am still in a state of shock and dis-belief.

      RIP RJD
      "I can honestly say itís truly been an honor to play at his side for all these years, his music will live on forever." ~ Tony Iommi (Speaking of Ronnie James Dio)


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        Ah, so it WASN'T sudden. I AM happy that the doctor sedated him. Though I doubt he ever woke up again.


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          Man....... I feel genuinely privileged to have Geezer share that with everyone.

          Thanks for posting that Joe.
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            Thank you Geezer for sharing your thoughts with us, I realize how difficult it was for you. I am feeling a void within me that I cannot shake. Ronnie, along with Tony & Geezer, has had a huge impact in who I am a musician. His voice, creativity, songwriting, all helped shape me into, really, who I am as a person. If Sabbath and Rainbow hadn't influenced me, gave me the inspiration to become a musician, I cannot imagine where or who I'd be right now. My life would be completely different. I never met Ronnie, but I feel such a huge loss, I am so sad and still in disbelief. I find myself just staring at the wall several times a day, thinking "how, why?". Thank you Ronnie James Dio for all you have given your fans, we will never forget you.
            JOLIET DAVE


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              Wow, that really personalizes the loss. I know many of us would have loved to have had the chance to visit with Ronnie and let him know how appreciated he and his music was.
              It's great to know that he and Wendy had such great support at the end.

              "somethings calling me back. There's a light in the black. Yes, I'm ready to go. I'm coming home."
              "Something's calling me back. There's a Light in the Black. Yes, I'm ready to go. I'm coming home." RIP Ronnie James Dio


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                Thanks for sharing that with us Geezer. You are just as much of a class act as Ronnie was.
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                  Classy. Respect to the man with the bass.


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                    Wow, that was really amazing and very sad. I'm so glad these guys got together to enjoy one another's company one last time these past few years. Sounds like they were very special friends. Thank you, Geezer, for sharing these most personal moments.


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                      Wow... first tears I've shed in this whole ordeal came from Geezer's words. What a loss.
                      ---Life's fantasy: to be locked away and still to think you're free---


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                        It was really something to see the great rapport the guys had on stage during the H&H tours. They really seemed to enjoy playing together. I didn't get that feeling way back '82 (the last time I saw them tour together).

                        "somethings calling me back. There's a light in the black. Yes, I'm ready to go. I'm coming home."
                        "Something's calling me back. There's a Light in the Black. Yes, I'm ready to go. I'm coming home." RIP Ronnie James Dio


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                          Thank you so much Geezer for sharing your thoughts. I mourn the loss of your friend, and the person whom we all wished we could have known as well as you.

                          RIP RJD



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                            That was tough to read. Man despite all the stuff they were dealing with last year, they still brought the goods in concert.

                            RIP Dio, you rocked


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                              The Wait Was Worth It

                              I knew how close Geezer and Ronnie had become. More than anyone else, I waited with anticipation for his words and insight regarding his mate Ronnie. The wait was worth it. Thank You Geezer! I'm sorry for your loss .

                              It was a pleasure seeing you guys play. Always a thrill! Your bass playing amazing!