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What Dio-esque song are you listening to now?

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    I got around to Angry Machines and now it's the touching ballad This Is Your Life...

    The only Dio song (perhaps one of the only songs Ronnie's ever been involved with) that does not have a guitar on it, just Ronnie and Scott... A pure Ballad, something that, I remember when I first heard it, is totally different, never thought Dio would do anything like this. So beautiful and so full of emotion. This song actually reminds me of some of nice ballads on Savatage's Streets album...If Jon and Ronnie would have ever shared a stage together this would have been a great song for them to play together.

    A really touching song that again has found a whole new meaning...


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      Death By Love ........

      Don't ask why
      Don't even think about it
      Brave men die
      But what a way to go


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        I've been listening to Dio in his pre-Elf days (or, at least, pre-officially released Elf days).

        In case no one has come across these before, they are definitely worth a listen. Here's the link:


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          For the last 8 days it's been all Elf and Rainbow for me...

          Now that I remember it: the last Dio-esque song that I heard while Dio was still alive was "Stargazer", it was played through the house PA back at our local music venue on Saturday night the 15th.


 of the icons of Dio and all of heavy metal.

          I can't believe the majesty of Dio's singing on this song, it's just so beyond & above anything that some other rock vocalist could ever do...This song is older than me and after 34 years of rock music development this song is still one of the few songs that have the exciting force to stop the blood in my veins with power & glory, taking me to the ancient times...this song was truly destined to be one of my top favourites, ever since I was a child I've always gazed at the stars in the heavens...Dio's gift to all of us stargazers!!!
          "He is the King of all kings, the keeper of light...He holds eternity's wings"


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            The song which was probably written & rehearsed somewhere around my birth in late '79...

            Children Of The Sea

            Instantly recognizable, always exciting & mesmerizing, always powerful. Technically one of the most demanding songs from Black Sabbath, a song with a lot of detail and a very important rhythm section performance which has to be in this top notch form in order to properly deliver this song, there can be no "leaning back & forth" in this one. Vocally one of the most brilliantly shining diamonds from Dio, the intro alone shows who is the master in this business.
            "He is the King of all kings, the keeper of light...He holds eternity's wings"


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              Time and again, just like today, the albums Heaven And Hell & Mob Rules continue to amaze me with their fierce, gut-wrenching power, technical superiority and fantastic musical prowess. I just love to say it all over again: these albums are 2 prime examples of the best heavy metal in the world, the highest class of musical enjoyment, the albums that have become an integral part of my musical personality.

              "Fell in love with a Country Girl..."

    's my story too!
              "He is the King of all kings, the keeper of light...He holds eternity's wings"


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                Rainbow - Stargazer (Live in Dusseldorf 1976)

                My live in Dusseldorf cd just arrived today and this is the perfect way to start my Rainbow listening sessions. Ronnie does screw up the lyrics to this one, he actually sings the last verse on the place of the second verse but as usual he saves the day with some great adlibs once again. I doubt most of the people there even noticed the mistake. This was really the glory days of Rainbow, Ritchie was on top of his game and Ronnie was suberb to say the least.

                It is great that these Live in Germany albums were made available to us all, they're a great testament of the greatness Rainbow was with Ronnie.

                Unlike in Köln this time there was no encore, which means Ritchie was having one of "those" days again, but I am still surprised how inspired he was with his solos though.


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                  Falling Off The Edge Of The World

                  One of Black Sabbath's most massive songs, this is basically a 3-phase prog piece - first the gentle intro, then the mega-heavy mid-part and finally the fast-paced gallop. Fantastic! And Dio soars above this behemoth of a song like no other, truly something many can approach but never reach. One of the most memorable songs on the album and in the entire Black Sabbath catalogue, all I need to hear are the first 3 notes and I know what's coming...I love this song, luckily I got to experience this song live from the masters themselves after years and years of utopia...

                  Cheers Ronnie, this is just one of the many jewels you left for us to enjoy and remember you from.
                  "He is the King of all kings, the keeper of light...He holds eternity's wings"


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                    I'm listening to Lord of The Last Day. I listened to Electra before that. I too have been listening to all Dio (Elf, Rainbow, Black Sabbath and Dio) all week. I consider H&H as Black Sabbath. What a legacy of music this man left us.


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                      Rainbow - Long Live Rock 'n' Roll (vinyl), Gates of Babylon (video), Osaka 1976 (aud)
                      Dio - Sacred Heart (vinyl & live video), Evil or Divine (dvd)
                      H&H - Bonn 2009 (Live Rockpalast Video)


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                        Here in my home town we have a Wishing Well across the street from our main church...
                        "He is the King of all kings, the keeper of light...He holds eternity's wings"


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                          Rainbow - A Light In The Black

                          I've gotten this far already, listened through all of the Dio albums and now it's the end of Rainbow Rising...and what an album it is...a true masterpiece from start to finish...Ronnie's lyrics on this one are brilliant. It's got everything, magical ride to the past to the land of ancient wizards and sands, story of an over zealous groupie, mystical woman and making love...

                          A Light In The Black is a monster of a song...really fast riffing from Ritchie and some exceptionally galloping vocalisation by Ronnie...And the lyrics...again have taken a whole new meaning...Ronnie was a light for me so many times when everything just seemed so black. His music and lyrics carried me through so much sadness...and they keep doing so now and forever more.


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                            The amazing song "Slipping Away"...The rhythm patterns of this masterpiece are just mind-blowing - not only technically extremely demanding, but also loaded with power and tasteful touch, a brutal package of excellence. One of the severely over-looked songs of Black Sabbath, this isn't among the most popular songs and I can't imagine why. In my mind this is a dangerously high-class song both musically and technically, I wouldn't want to even try to cover this song if I was a musician, this is so fierce.
                            "He is the King of all kings, the keeper of light...He holds eternity's wings"


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                              Some of the songs Dio performed at the 2008 Water & Rock Festival in Lahti, Finland...the very last time Dio would perform with his own band on the Finnish soil...Luckily I was there, front & center...

                              ...and amazingly, the concert was full of my highest song wishes! The concert, logically devoid of any Black Sabbath songs, opened mind-blowingly with Holy Diver, they finally performed my coveted favourite Sacred Heart, the fantastic Rock 'n' Roll Children which I wanted badly for many years, the spectacular medley of the songs The Temple Of The King & Kill The King...there was the last chance to hear the beautiful medley of Catch The Rainbow & Long Live Rock 'n' Roll...there was also the final performance of the song Man On The Silver Mountain in its proper slow tempo...The concert also saw the return of the mighty heavy hitters Killing The Dragon and The Eyes...I didn't experience Dio on the Magica tour and none of us will ever get to experience the conclusion of the story, but at least I got the most powerful song of the first Magica album, The Lord Of The Last Day...

                              What a fantastic show that was, full of my dreams come true. It was like Dio had heard my prayers just before they made the setlist...
                              "He is the King of all kings, the keeper of light...He holds eternity's wings"


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                                I've been listening to the Sacred Heart album lately. I haven't heard it a really long time. It's much better than I remember it. I always considered one of the weaker Dio albums, and although I don't now consider one of his strongest, it has many more good moments than I originally gave it credit for.