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Dio: "I have a feeling I may die pretty soon" - Interview 1986

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  • MobRules
    Thankfully he lived a full 24 more years. So he really didn't die that soon. I should say though. I expected Dio to die this year. But I just wasn't expecting it until at least August, or September.

    His form of cancer was VERY hard to beat, and coupled with his age, everything was against him.

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  • Dio: "I have a feeling I may die pretty soon" - Interview 1986

    I'm saddened beyond words by the passing of the great Ronnie James Dio. Words just can't express what he ment to me and my life. For me it's hard to listen to him sing at the moment, so I took on a little reading:

    I had the Dio book by Martin Popoff for a while, when I read it again, I noticed something he said in an 1986 interview . It's during the Sacred Heart Tour, when Goldy replaced Campell:

    "It's very important to me to avoid being one dimensional. There are things I feel I must do in my life. Production is very important to me. I'd love to produce a band like Judas Priest. But that will wait it's turn. Right now, my commitment is to he band.
    Everything else takes a backseat to that. After this tour, I'm going to sit back and re-asses my position. I'm not going to go on the road for six months at a strech anymore. I have a feeling I may die pretty soon. I'm not looking for sympathy when I say that, but I always had a very intutive sense about myself, and I can sense that I don't have that long to to everything I want to do. I'm not putting a time limit on myself, but I know I will not achieve all I want unless I take time away from the band...."

    The book is called Dio: Light in the Black" and was released in 2006. The Author Martin Popoff did some interviews in 2004. I'm not perfectly clear, but If I read the credits the right way, the above mentioned is from a Interview to Hit Parader, number 257, Feb. '86.
    Maybe someone can confirm that for me....