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Heaven and Hell tribute gig Setlist for High Voltage festival!

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    I seriously don't think Tony Martin was even Tony has said that he'd never EVER do anything with Sabbath again no matter what...but as far as I know there's really know beef between the two Tony's anymore...water under the bridge...atleast as far as Martin's concerned.

    I never understood why Jorn Lande was involved though, the guy is a complete nobody....and he has no voice, no stage presense, nothing...and no connection to Sabbath what so ever.

    Glenn I can understand since he and Ronnie were friends and he and Tony are friends...but again everyone knows how I feel about Glenn's "singing" he wasn't the right choice either.

    Phil just came on stage to sing Neon Knights...he wasn't invited or anything...he was just at the side of the stage rockin' out and somebody gave him a mic...

    Ian Gillan would have been great, but his versions of Ronnie's songs weren't all that great back in the day...and I think Purple were on the road at the time...can't remember for sure though...

    As far as Tony Martin's unjust treatment was what it the time Iommi was totally in charge and he wasn't the nicest guy in the world at the time can clearly get that from Tony's book too...and I think he regrets some of the things he did too...


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      I was thinking on the basis that it was a tribute to one of the greatest personalities and singers in Rock music in honor of Ronnie James Dio, so it would've been nice to see Martin up there or anyone who would've wanted to step up and honor Ronnie like Phil Anselmo did, I'm sure Tony Martin would've done it if given the chance or invite, and would've done a better job covering the Dio songs.

      I don't care for Jorn Lande either.
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