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    From Babblermouth.

    Rufus Stone Limited Editions has set a November 30 release date for "Ronnie James Dio - A Photographic Memoir".

    Ronnie James Dio was one of rock's most respected and talented frontmen, renowned for his instantly recognizable vocals, lyrics and stagecraft. On May 16, 2010, Ronnie succumbed to cancer and the world of hard rock lost one of its greatest talents.

    Renowned music photographer PG Brunelli traveled the world with Ronnie from 1983, photographing him onstage, backstage, at home and in the recording studio. This special, large-format hardback book takes the best of PG's photography and weaves a memoir of Ronnie's life starting onstage at Donington Monsters of Rock in 1983. Featuring unique written contributions from Bruce Dickinson (IRON MAIDEN), Rob Halford (JUDAS PRIEST), Doug Aldrich (DIO, WHITESNAKE) and many of Ronnie's peers, colleagues and fellow professionals, this book has been compiled with the knowledge and approval of Dio's wife/manager, Wendy.

    Available in two limited edition versions, starting at just 40 (plus postage and handling), "Ronnie James Dio - A Photographic Memoir" is released at the end of November 2010. To secure your standard or hardkase version (150 plus postage and handling) early ordering is essential. 10 from the sale of the standard version and 30 from the sale of the hardkase edition will be donated to the Stand Up And Shout Cancer Fund, in honor of Ronnie James Dio.

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    Sounds great! Anyone planning on getting the hardkase edition? It looks absolutely amazing and I'd love to own it, but no way can I afford to blow that much money on a book


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      Yeah the hardcase looks amazing, but way above my price range being poor!

      But without a doubt I'll be getting the regular version!


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        Some extra information about this publication.

        Available in two limited-edition versions, starting at just 40 (plus postage and handling), "Ronnie James Dio - A Photographic Memoir" features unique written contributions and dedications from:

        * Glenn Hughes (DEEP PURPLE, BLACK SABBATH)
        * Claude Schnell (DIO)
        * Ann Boleyn (HELLION)
        * Rob Halford (JUDAS PRIEST)
        * Joey Belladonna (ANTHRAX)
        * Doogie White (RAINBOW, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN)
        * Don Dokken (DOKKEN)
        * Stuart Galbraith
        * Klaus Meine (SCORPIONS)
        * Andy Copping
        * Enid Williams (GIRLSCHOOL)
        * Denise Dufort (GIRLSCHOOL)
        * Bruce Dickinson (IRON MAIDEN)
        * Jeff Pilson (DOKKEN, DIO, FOREIGNER)
        * Doro Pesch (WARLOCK)
        * Ron Keel (KEEL)
        * Rowan Robertson (DIO)
        * Bernie Marsden (WHITESNAKE)
        * Bob Catley (MAGNUM)
        * Doug Aldrich (DIO, WHITESNAKE)


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          no Mccartney accounts?


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            If I don't waste my money on something else, I will certainly buy this. I am sure it cannot be a disappointment!
            "I am the crazy man who lives inside your head, but I think I'm breaking through the wall... You are the innocent convicted of the crime, no one was ever there to catch you when you fall" (1992)
            -Ronnie James Dio, Rest in Peace

            "In the summer days we flew to the sun, on melting wings, but the seasons changed to fast, leave us all behind... Blind..." (1969)
            - Jon Lord, Rest in Peace

            My first album!!!:


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              Maybe I'll buy the hardcase, then donate it to the local village library. That way, I can see it most anytime I want and get a tax deduction for it. Hmmmmmmm
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