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Dio, year two.

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  • Dio, year two.

    I just want to take the opportunity to remind our dear Ronnie, today on the second aniversary of his death.

    I still feel very sad from the huge loss from time to time. Many things have changed in my world since Dio died two years ago. And the world still runs and for sure will continue that way.

    Please save a prayer for Dio. I already did it. He gave for many of us, some of the best moments in our lifetime.


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      His speech fits the way how he wanted to go out. Rock in peace God. Dio. Legend.
      "Even with so much bad blood between us... It's funny... Now that I'm actually face to face with him again... The hatred is gone. All I feel is a deep sense of longing. And pity. Did Zero really hate me? Or... Did he fear me?" - Big Boss


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        This is a sad day indeed, but also a day to celebrate the life of Ronnie...I'll be going through as much of his music as I possibly can today.

        Starting with Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow which immediately shows why Ronnie was the greatest singer ever to walk this earth.

        Rock in Peace really are the man on the silver mountain now.


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          Time goes by fast, doesn't it? 2 years have already gone by since my #1 vocalist hero RONNIE JAMES DIO passed away. He was and will always be, by far, THE BEST.

          Discovering RONNIE JAMES DIO some 13-14 years ago was something I will always remember. When I heard that there was a singer other than Ozzy in Black Sabbath, at first I couldn't believe it. I was proven wrong by the albums Heaven And Hell and Mob Rules, just a quick show of reality. Eventually, the first release from Dio that I listened to was Diamonds - The Best Of Dio. Session by session, the magic of the music and the power of Dio's voice started to hit me harder and harder until I was hooked. Soon I was listening to Dio-era Black Sabbath and Rainbow, and full Dio albums. It was a torrential vortex that took me very quickly, there was no escape from the iron grip of everything Dio, soon I was a devoted fan for life...

          It took me some 5 years of listening to Dio before I was able to see his live show. I thought he was massively great on the albums, but the first show at the 2004 Tuska Festival proved me wrong - Dio was even better live, so much better!!! The show at the Tuska Festival was the first in the line of great shows where numerous wishlist songs were always played. In 2005, I got to see 2 shows from Dio, the first was at the Sauna Open Air Festival in Tampere, the second was the Christmas is Heavy show in Jyväskylä. Mind-blowing shows, great setlists, astounding performances. In 2006 all I had to do was to travel some 65 kilometres away to see Dio in Tuuri on the parking lot of the Keskinen store center. Another massive show with a setlist that had many songs from my wishlist. Dio was always amazing as to how they kept changing the setlist from year to year.

          2007 was a special year, my long-time dream became reality as Heaven & Hell was created and played 2 shows in Finland - I got to see them both. Those 2 consecutive nights were probably the ultimate heavy metal road trip of my life - first to Tampere, then to Helsinki and back.

          In 2008 I travelled to Lahti to see Dio perform at the Water & Rock Festival. Again, a heavy-hitting show with lots of surprises in the setlist, all Black Sabbath songs were excluded leaving more time to Dio and Rainbow songs. As it turned out, it was the last show from Dio's own band here in Finland.

          In 2009 my first decade of enjoying everything Dio came to a majestic climax in the Helsinki Icehall where Heaven & Hell performed another superior show - after the show I met Vinny Appice and THE MAN HIMSELF. What a great gentleman he was, he took me as his new friend right there and then. Sadly, that night was the last time I saw RONNIE JAMES DIO.

          I'll cherish all these great shows and the meeting, forever.

          So, let's remember RONNIE JAMES DIO in our hearts. He will always live in the music that he made and in our own precious memories of him.

          "My job is to be great FOR THEM" - RONNIE JAMES DIO

          "He is the King of all kings, the keeper of light...He holds eternity's wings"


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            Rock In Peace Ronnie
            Do what thou will shall be the whole of the law


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              I had an assignment in my swedish class this monday where I would hold a speech to celebrate someone... guess who I chose ^^

              I will forever miss you Ronnie, but the pain has decreased greatly over this past year and I am very glad for that, I begin to feel the joy of your creative spirit more and more as I listen to your songs, as my own sadness fades. The pain will never go away though... R.I.P. Ronnie, Forever the Greatest!
              "I am the crazy man who lives inside your head, but I think I'm breaking through the wall... You are the innocent convicted of the crime, no one was ever there to catch you when you fall" (1992)
              -Ronnie James Dio, Rest in Peace

              "In the summer days we flew to the sun, on melting wings, but the seasons changed to fast, leave us all behind... Blind..." (1969)
              - Jon Lord, Rest in Peace

              My first album!!!:


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                I didn't hear about Ronnie until the next day as I wasn't able to get online and my heart sank as I saw it in the paper as I was about to go on holiday. I remember it like it was yesterday. Last year on this day I went through his hometown on my way to Virginia. Having a listen to his Sabbath albums today. I wish I could find Dehumanizer and Killing the Dragon on short notice on CD but I'll have to get those by his birthday in July when he would have been seventy years of age.
                We miss you Ronnie! Rock in Peace!


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                  So the greatest voice I've ever heard has been silent for two years already...seems like it was just yesterday when I saw him on stage with Sabs.

                  RJD was and will always be one my biggest idols as a musician and singer. I mean, a man that was an integral part of albums like "Heaven & Hell", "Rising", "Holy Diver", "Mob Rules", "Long Live Rock'n'Roll and "The Last In Line" had to be some sort of a genius. And it's not only his most classic material that strikes me, even the newer material in the 00's and his albums with ELF contain some of the best rock music I've ever heard.

                  Rest In Peace RJD, THE voice of metal is still sorely missed:

                  EDIT: The note he hits at approx. 06:10 mark...the power, the feeling, the sound and the control - it's all there.
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                  "The consequence of conscience/Is that you'll be left somewhere/Swinging in the air"-Ronnie James Dio (1942-2010) R.I.P. King Of Metal
                  "Just take a look around you what do you see/Pain, suffering, and misery/It's not the way that the world was planned/It's a pity you don't understand" - Geezer Butler
                  "If god is in heaven/How can this happen here" - Phil Lynott (1949-1986)


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                    Lots and lots of memories flooding back to me today, the second anniversary kind of snuck up on me. I thought about it a few days ago and then early this morning I heard a ton of Dio played on Ozzy's Boneyard and remembered. I thought about what his last days in Houston could have been like, if he was at peace. I thought about seeing him perform in Las Vegas at the House of Blues on April Fools Day, 2000, for the Magica tour. I brought my girlfriend at the time who was not interested in the standing room only setup on the first floor, so I talked to the Mandalay Bay casino host and snagged front row center mezzanine seats upstairs. The band was tight, Ronnie was acting like there were 18,000 people in the audience instead of 1800, and the reason I remembered this particular show was when the band played "Stand Up And Shout" and, like always when this song was played live, the part where the crowd yells coincides with house lights going up so you can see the whole crowd from the stage. Anyway, at this point I jumped up with arms raised and did the yell part. The mezzanine was filled, but the real die-hards were down below because I was the only person who jumped up in the mezzanine at this point. Ronnie, from the stage, saw me alone up there and smiled at me, nodded, and kind of pointed his fist at me for a second. Just two or three seconds of time, but a memory forever.

                    I also remembered finally meeting him, interviewing him, hanging out backstage with him over nine years later, right after his final performance ever in Atlantic City, also at a House of Blues. The image that sticks to me today from that incredible life experience for me happened backstage after the show, but before I was allowed to interview him. Me and my camera guy were standing by, waiting patiently, and I watched Ronnie shake hands and thank every fan that approached him. An entire family came up to him, with a little girl who was old enough to walk, but just barely. Ronnie picked her up, hugged her, and kissed her cheek. He talked with the family for a minute or two, all the while holding the little girl in his arms, like he was her proud grandfather. I asked Ronnie's manager, who was walking by, if this was the case. He looked over and kind of laughed for a second and said "He doesn't know those people." It was an amazing image at the time, made more remarkable when Ronnie's cancer diagnosis arose two months later, made forever symbolic when he died the following May.

                    I know I have video of this interaction somewhere, I think I'll try to dig it out today and post it. I really miss that guy.

                    Rest in Peace, Ronnie!
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                      r.i.p holy dio <3


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                        It's surreal to think that two years have passed already. Today I will be listening to Dio's discography in chronologial order, starting with Ronnie Dio and The Prophets and finishing with The Devil You Know. I might not finish until tomorrow, but a little extra Dio enver hurt anyone.

                        RIP Ronnie James Dio. You were one of the greatest singers, lyricists, and frontmen in rock history.


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                          R.I.P. Dio - hard to beleive it's already been 2 years.

                          @Damian - thanks for sharing a very cool story about meeting Dio & how he treated the family & the little girl - I was fortunate enough to meet him a few times & was always amazed at how he treated everyone like they were a long lost friend & made the time to talk with all the fans

                          @Sabbathman - very cool story & picture of you & Dio - thanks for sharing
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                            It's no surprise to me how he could be gone from us as long as he has, and yet he STILL rules! Sorry I didn't take more opportunities to see him sing live, but so unbelievably grateful for the opportunities I did make use of.

                            Thanks Ronnie for just being awesome!
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