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  • 6 Years On

    Geezer has just posted on FB reminding me that it is the 6th anniversary of Ronnie's death.

    I can't believe it has been 6 years since he died, it seems like only yesterday, and he is still greatly missed.
    My name is Lucifer please take my hand.

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    Same here mate! 6 years....I still vividly remember getting the email from Joe and practically falling down in shock.

    But his music lives on for the enjoyment of generations to come!


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      Long live RJD! His music will live on forever!


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        Ronnie will always be missed, R.I.P.
        "Without Black Sabbath there never would have been an Ozzy, and without Ozzy there never would have been a Black Sabbath"
        "If there ever was a band whose voice is so significant and distinct, that band is Black Sabbath and the voice is Ozzy Osbourne"
        ________Sabbath Forever, Forever Sabbath!______OzzyIsDio_ (YoY)


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          Hard to believe it's been 7 years since Dio passed - Always loved this live version of Kill the King

          At least my hair is all mine, My teeth are my own, but everything else is on a permanent loan I'm on a low budget - Ray Davies


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            A thousand years pass, and if there are still people here, they will know how much all of us here miss Dio - the days when Dio was actually alive and rocking, throwing horns on stage.
            Do you hear the thunder raging in the sky?
            Premonition of a shattered world thatís gonna die.
            In the age of reason, how do we survive?
            The protocols of evil ravaging so many lives?


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              R.I.P. Ronnie, you will always be remembered.
              "They tell you black is really white the moon is just the sun at night and when you walk in golden halls you get to keep the gold that falls, it's heaven and hell"
              ~ Ronnie James Dio