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    Hi Everyone,

    Started a new job recently and one of the old guys here claims that he was a member of Black Sabbath aaaaages ago, during the time when Black Sabbath was still called 'Earth'. I'm trying to verify whether this is true or not, so it's gonna be hard seeing as how not many people know much about Black Sabbath's time as 'Earth'.

    Here's his story:
    - Claims he was a drummer for 'Earth' (aka Black Sabbath)
    - Played with Bill Ward, says his original name was: Phillip William Ward (?)
    - Says he played a gig with them at the Rainbow Room
    - He was involved in a major motorbike accident, was in hospital for 6 weeks so he had to drop out of the band.

    Can anyone help me verify this? Please? I know it sounds like just some random claim to fame, but he seems adament about it and I don't think he's lying.


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    The guy is bullshitting you.

    One, in interviews about this period of the band's history, it is always told that it was Ozzy, Iommi, Geezer and Ward. Iommi and Ward were in a band called Mythology. Ozzy and Geezer were in a band called Rare Breed. The four of them left their respective bands and formed Earth together. Bill Ward was the only drummer for Earth.

    Two, Bill Ward's original name is William Thomas Ward.

    Three, the Rainbow Room thing is the dead give away that he is lying. None of the members ever came to the United States until 1970 while on tour for the Paranoid album. By that time, they were called Black Sabbath obviously. They never came to the United States while they were Earth.
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      Yeah complete bull, I have a classmate who says his dad has a picture of Ozzy biting the head off the bat.


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        He must have hit his head in that motorbike accident...
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          He should have said he was the sax player. Many don't remember his name. He probably could have gotten away with his bullshitting.


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            Originally posted by fishtowner View Post
            He should have said he was the sax player. Many don't remember his name. He probably could have gotten away with his bullshitting.
            Except the sax player was in Polka Tulk, not Earth, so even then he wouldn't have it straight.
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              The Polka Tulk Blues Band lineup:

              Ozzy Osbourne: vocals
              Tony Iommi: Guitar
              Jimmy Phillips: Slide Guitar
              Alan "Aker" Clarke: Saxophone
              Geezer Butler: Bass
              Bill Ward: Drums

              From Wikipedia



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                I have seen the reference to the sax players name on wiki. Though is this right since even Tony doesn't remember his name. He has mentioned that in articles.