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Why this reunion is a BAD thing

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    Originally posted by IommiRules View Post
    I for one agree with Franklin's take on this. Go back and look at the whole press conference. Tony is the only person who looks even close to be happy. No energy or enthusiasm at all between the 4.
    I felt the 3, minus Geezer, seemed genuinely optimistic and in good spirits. Geezer, above all else, I take with a grain a salt. He's almost always come across as miserable when it comes to press.
    ***Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this post are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of other internet people, the internet police or the internet in general. It is to be assumed that all sentences are automatically followed by "IMO, BUDDY" as to not offend other internet people and start an internet fight.


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      I'm not overly excited about this reunion, but atleast we'll have one more Black Sabbath album (hopefully) and I've come to think that that's really all we can ask anymore. It's rather impossible to think that it would be as good as The Devil You Know for obvious reasons...

      Ozzy's use of Autotune is my biggest concern. If it's going to be like on Scream (where he didn't use his "own" voice even once) it will be a sacrilege, but if he'll understand that and go with the lower register which he still has (up to a point anyways) it should be good.

      Another big thing is the fact that Geezer really hates writing lyrics. So since no one else (unless Rick Rubin will take the job) really is a lyricist he will be forced to write them and it's really not the best possible starting point...I mean when has anything good come from a forced situation?


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        Hark, dear WarningRules, and those whom have trepidation on ye assemblage of Gods Butler, Iommi, Osbourne, and Ward - ye minstrels known'eth as Black Sabbath!

        Thou hath made an argument of passion and reason and this knight is in accord with thee: 'tis not mine wish to see Black Sabbath falter! In a matter of full truth, ye inkling of Sabbath's failure be'ith an agonizing nightmare this knight doth n'er wish to contemplate, much less see to fruition.

        Howe'er, let this knight propose another possibility of this reunion:
        What if Lords Sabbath be'eth invigorated once again by ye dark muse? What if Sir Richard Rubin lead'eth them to musical heights anew, just as he did with Lord Johnny Cash's "American" collection. (Although this knight's heart beats for Metal most true, to mine ears Lord Cash's canon be'ith sheer musical excellence!)
        What if we art graced with ye greatest odes that Sabbath hath e'er created?
        What if we art graced with ye greatest odes e'er created?

        We shalt never know what new heights Sabbath can attain if this reunion take'th not place. These Gods hath earned this quest for Metallic excellence, for 'tis an ambition which they hath succeeded many times before!

        This post now concludeth!


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          I suspect the album will sound good after a little bit of tampering but the live shows may be a bit different as not sure how Ozzy will sound after a few cosecutive shows. Think the best gigs will be the first ones and I will be at the first, Download.


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            While this new album will definitely not top TDYK vocally , I'm quite optimistic that not only it will quite more better musically , I believe it will be one of the greatest rock/metal albums within the last 2 decades , and why ? it all lies within my faith of the new material Iommi have been working on for the last year and which I totally believe was 'incredible' and so inspiring acting as the main catalyst for the original 4 final reunion , I believe the material were class and so impressive that Geezer , Ozzy and Bill were totally blown away and decided to give it a solid go with one final Sabbath album ! since when did we hear Iommi himself stating that he came up with some amazing incredible music and riffs ? even Geezer stressed out at the press conference that Iommi's stuff was the main reason that inspired them to get back together and be part of it.

            So basically , if the music is mind blowing and Ozzy was at least able to bring up some of those classic melodies from the original Sabbath albums and early Ozzy material , it will over shadow his vocal limitations a lot , it also seems that these guys were back to the old way of writing material , more of getting together and jamming over the stuff , bouncing ideas from one another and so on , if they this album will be truly a genuine collaboration between the 4 guys , I'm quite sure the album will shock everyone with how good it sounds ! I just hope Rick Ruben will produce this album properly , Metallica's Death Magnetic is one of the worst produced albums I've ever heard , over compressed with zero dynamics.

            Last and not least , since when did Geezer ever look happy at a press conference or an interview ? HE FREAKING HATES DOING THEM , Terry is always about the music and professionalism , he is genuine and a true genius musician , lets not forget that Geezer's 'Dark Side' ( lyrically and musically) one of the greatest elements that helped to define Sabbath's music , if you can't see how passionate , caring and respectful this man is , please check his tributes to Ronnie , Peter Steele , Gary Moore , Amy Wine house and even to Dimebag Darrell and Cliff Burton ( dedicating Sabbath Hall of Fame Induction to them and then shouting 'Up the villa' at the very end =) , he just doesn't care or even wants to show it.


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              I think that Iīll give a controversial opinion too. I dont like the whole reunion thing (as idea) and as they did - I almost hate it. Why?

              1.) Its denying of everything what happened in the last six years. I really think that Geezer is not happy from it all (it seems to me from the whole press conference - he seems to think about absolutely different things than some reunion). When you are talking about Ozzy, you have to have in your mind Sharon too... Did you and they forget what happened in 2005, what was Iommiīs reaction to that? Did you and they forget what was said at the end of 97-05 era? I know, they promised to make a new album and play a different tracks on concerts - but do you believe them? I donīt. It will be the same - and why? Because the classics (that 7 - 10) songs that they did on the shows are classic Sabbaths, that fans wants to hear. So my opinion is - the setlist will be at maximum 13 - 14 tracks, maybe 3 new (if there will ever be new tracks...), the rest? Find the setlists from 98 tour and you have it.

              2.) new album.... There are 2 BIG issues, why I think that this reunion will end in disaster.
              - first? In November 2011, they announce the reunion with future album dated like "sometimes we will make it, we hope that we will be able to catch it to release in fall 2012".... I would understand this press conference when they would say "yes, we will release the album, half of it is completely finished, we need to record last few tracks that we already have and it will be out in April". But now, its just promise like we will try it, and hope that it will work - or even worse - I think that now we have to do it!
              - second? Rick Rubin - just if they will be able to finally make it (you are right, I dont believe they will release something), Iīm worried how it will sound. Loudness war plus vocal effects that Ozzy used on last albums to cover his bad vocal shape dont seems to me like a chance for good album....

              3.) I still think that there is a chance how Tony, Geez and some drummer (possibly Kenny Aronoff) could make a really fantastic stuff and make a great tour.... but they need good singer! And Ozzy is NOT good singer anymore. I just heard some tracks from FUSED and I still thank that this band owe us a tour.... Iommi - Hughes - (Butler) - Aronoff/Bonham/Rondinelli... whatever name it could have!

              4.) The last thing.... I know that it will sound rude, but I think that its not "fair" to Ronnie - I mean this reunion. I think - they did with H&H fantastic job in last years, the shows were fantastic, the album contains at least 2 fantastic tracks (but also some fillers) with awesome singer and now? I hoped that Tony and Geez had a bit higher requirements for using their names.... But I dont have the right to say this, I know, but I really think this. My opinion how it will end? They will make maybe few new tracks, without new album, they will be available through itunes, and they will do the same tours as they did the last time, just with Ozzy in worse shape....


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                Originally posted by David86 View Post
                I think it's gonna be shit, but I'll still buy it, listen to it several times, go to a gig if possible, and enjoy the fact that the band which got me into music is still going on after all these years.
                Originally posted by Franklin View Post
                In one of the videos Joe linked to on the home page, at the very end they finally got around to asking what Geezer thought of it all and his response was something like, I can't wait till it's all over with. And that's exactly how I feel.
                Good to see you guys still around. And glad to hear that you have similar opinions.
                "i'm 12 and i love dark sabboth"


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                  I don't think its a BAD idea at all. In fact I think its fucking awesome.

                  I'm not really a fan of Ozzy's most recent solo material but that has less to do with Ozzy himself and more about the songs hes been singing over. Ozzy has shown that he can record in a studio and sound awesome, just listen to his collab with Slash, Crucify the Dead. Ozzy's knack for melodies has not faltered at all IMO and with him singing those melodies over material from Tony, Geezer and Bill then I don't see how they can do wrong.

                  But the album is just a footnote to me. Its the chance to see the original Sabbath thats got me wetting myself. My favourite band of all-time is back again, how is that not something to be excited about?!


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                    Originally posted by David86 View Post
                    I think it's gonna be shit, but I'll still buy it, listen to it several times, go to a gig if possible, and enjoy the fact that the band which got me into music is still going on after all these years.
                    Couldn't have put it better myself, so I don't. (But a small part of my brain, or actually I think it's the heart, hopes I'm wrong and that it'll turn out to be a really strong album)
                    God knows as your dognose


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                      I think it will be good. Tony says he's been writing some riffs that are the best he's done in years. When's the last time he said that? All of the band members seem fired up (Well, Geezer hates press conferences and is generally gloomy).
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                        I don't think Ozzy's voice has gone to shit, as the OP said. Granted, it isn't what it was when he was a kid, but despite what others may think, Dio's wasn't either. You could hear the age in his voice on the last album. Not that it wasn't still great. Ozzy can still make a great studio album with all the new fangled stuff they have. Hell, they could probably even make me sound good! Now, if he can pull it off live is another story, but he has been doing it for years. As for Ozzy not having a good album since Randy died, that is pure BS. His last album, Scream, is one of the best of his carear, and the song Digging Me Down is IMHO, the best song he has ever done solo. It very well could have been a Sabbath song.
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                          Originally posted by David86 View Post
                          I think it's gonna be shit, but I'll still buy it, listen to it several times, go to a gig if possible, and enjoy the fact that the band which got me into music is still going on after all these years.
                          Agree with every word of that.


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                            Originally posted by mythology View Post
                            Agree with every word of that.
                            If you think it'll be shit before its out , then it will be (to you)


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                              Originally posted by OZZYIRONMAN View Post
                              If you think it'll be shit before its out , then it will be (to you)
                              I think it's going to be shit. I hope it's going to be great.


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                                this is some bullshit crap your talking about first to not like the ozzy era "MORE" than the dio-martin era is funny to me,i too love those first two dio lp's enough
                                to go to coliseum,long beach shows in 80-81-here in La,but i grew-up with BLACK SABBATH. i don't what to say ozzy era,cause there was no such thing as "era" to me
                                that is BLACK SABBATH. FOUR guys who came from Aston. i attended concerts in the seventies and obviously older that you (warningrules) so i view things from a deeper place than you. And i'm really in shock to know that the aston gang is gonna come-out with a new LP. it is mind blowing to know i'm gonna get some new music from those four guys soon.FUCKING AWSOME! good or bad vocals -You Know his voice it's OZZY!! argue all you want about "i hope his voice is good" OR "dio is better" IT IS BLACK SABBATH
                                the same band i followed when i was a kid,and the same band who was inducted to the hall of fame. Trust In The SABB! IT'S GONNA BE OK ! "for those who love BLACK SABBATH"