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New vinyl box set for pre-order (probably Ozzy years?)

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  • New vinyl box set for pre-order (probably Ozzy years?)

    Hey guys,

    I'm always on the look out for vinyls of all sorts, especially Black Sabbath and found this on Amazon the other day:

    It's a pre-order now and contains 10 discs.

    ''Vinyl (18 Dec 2012)
    Number of Discs: 10
    Format: Box set
    Label: Sanctuary
    ASIN: B009S2U74K''

    I've tried to find more info on those but it looks like it may just be the first 8 Sabbath albums with Ozzy and probably ''We sold our soul...'' compilation which is probably 2 LP.

    As I already bought the ''recent'' vinyl deluxe editions (first 3 albums were really deluxe), It looks like I will skip this one especially at a retail price of 231.88$

    If anyone has more info, please do not hesitate to chime in

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    If they were smart, they would put out 2LP deluxe versions of the rest of the Ozzy era albums, if there is enough bonus material to justify a second disc. We would have no choice but to buy them, right? I'm guessing most of us with turntables already have the standard LPs in decent quality.


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      I Have Found One Of Those Box Sets For Sale Here In New Zealand But Dont Know How Much Its Selling For As Of Yet


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        Sanctuary Records cares about the band, the music and the fans, so you know it's going to be worth the price!
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          More then worth getting....

          God bless


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            Originally posted by warpigsofhell View Post
            I Have Found One Of Those Box Sets For Sale Here In New Zealand But Dont Know How Much Its Selling For As Of Yet
            Here in Finland it seems that it's selling for around 220 €.


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              Holy shit...somebody really willing to pay that kind of money?

              Talk about those good old fashinoned cash crabs again.

              Now if they would be those Deluxe Editions then I would sort of understand it, but this....


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                I read somewhere (don't remember where exactly) that the box contains 9 LPs and one 12'' Single. That would make 8 Studio albums & Live at Last plus a few tracks on the 12'', maybe Ozzy's basement demos or live tracks.


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                  Link to item:

                  Ok, that's it, I'm officially OLD, because my first thought is, who on earth would pay so much for the same records over again? And, yeah, I know the answer. Essentially, people with more money than brains. Unless they can somehow show that reissues are strictly analog-mastered and from analog tapes, NO digital involvement at all, there is no advantage to having these on vinyl. You enjoy these, I'll have my equally-great-sounding reissue series from a couple years ago at a fraction of the cost.

                  BTW, they say in the description that they were mastered digitally: "To ensure pristine audio quality for this very special limited edition set, the original master tapes were remastered at a 24-bit/96kHz resolution, giving a listening experience to rival being present at the original Black Sabbath recording sessions."

                  Yeah. Pass.

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                    what's really interesting to me is that it says it contains reproductions of all the seventies tour books and i don't have those, but I don't know, it's very expensive..


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                        I'm actually considering asking my whole family getting together to buy this as a christmas-present.
                        Why? Mostly to use the covers as posters...

                        Seems like it's a bit cheaper on Amazon than Universal Music.

                        Amazon(.ca) - 231$ = 145£
                        Universal - 180£ = 285$

                        "Back to Black Sabbath" download voucher: for easy download of the full set

                        Includes an exclusive limited edition 12×12 print of the box set design. Only 50 prints available
                        This might be the reason it's more expensive on Universal, Amazon don't say anything about content.
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                          tHAT'S REAL COOL....NEVER SEEN IT BEFORE


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                            On the german site there's a better price: 169,99€ = 136.94 £
                            They ship free inside Germany.


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                              Have 3 sets on order, always kool hearing the dif remasters..

                              The SACD releases and DVD audio releases give u a dif perspective on the recording process, the opening of war pigs and black sabbath u simply hear more then u do anywhere else..

                              And kool dif among CD masters, the extended straightner or the faded note instead of a pause during the warning, just very kool finds..

                              Makes all the remasters worth getting for me, God bless