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    Originally posted by BunnyPink View Post
    The best album in the history of the world and Methapenis is one cool song in a sea of cool songs. Rated it a 10 incher!
    Good gal, BunnyPink. You amuse me.
    "Without Black Sabbath there never would have been an Ozzy, and without Ozzy there never would have been a Black Sabbath"
    "If there ever was a band whose voice is so significant and distinct, that band is Black Sabbath and the voice is Ozzy Osbourne"
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      Originally posted by Ady View Post

      I've listened to it loads of times now. After about four listens I was thinking 8/10, but I couldn't stop playing it last week and I now think it's too good for an 8. They've really impressed me!
      Same thing here I was thinking a 7/10 but even songs I was lukewarm in the beginning I'm starting to like (Live Forever & Piece of Mind) I haven't heard NIB2 yet. I'm soaking up all the other 12 tunes and saving dessert for later.
      Anyway I ended up rating 9/10. I still can't get into Pariah.


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        10/10. I have given it about 20 listens by now. Some reasoning for this scoring: 1. very solid album, there are no songs to be skipped, 2. album was way beyond my expectations, it lived up for all the hype, 3. Ozzy was a real surprise, the man is back, 4. I find something new on each listen, favorite song seems to vary, this just proves how good material is throughout the album


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          So far I'd give it at least an 8. It's an awesome listen.
          Iommi = Sabbath


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            Originally posted by RedZero View Post
            Same thing here I was thinking a 7/10 but even songs I was lukewarm in the beginning I'm starting to like (Live Forever & Piece of Mind) I haven't heard NIB2 yet. I'm soaking up all the other 12 tunes and saving dessert for later.
            Anyway I ended up rating 9/10. I still can't get into Pariah.
            I wasn't exactly blown away by Pariah at first, but that's grown on me now, too. I burned the album and bonus tracks onto one CD and I've got it in constant rotation in my car.
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              I give it a 9/10.

              God Is Dead? is one of those tracks that grew on me as time went on. I think, for me at least, what threw me off was how different it is. It doesn't have an even remotely "traditional" song structure. It took a few listens before I fully "got it" and really have enjoyed it since.

              The running order could have been a bit better (as others have stated, putting EotB and GID? back to back is a bit, odd). The production leaves a bit to be desired, but it's certainly not in "Death Magnetic" territory.

              Brad's drumming was a pleasant surprise. He did a pretty amazing job, and I really don't think anyone could have done better except Bill. Ozzy sounds better than he has in a very, very long time. Geezer is on fire (as usual) as is Tony. It really is amazing that we got this album, and hopefully the overwhelming success of the album will spur them on to make more. I, for one, wouldn't mind Ozzy giving up his solo snoozefest in favor of focusing on Sabbath.


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                9/10, going on 8; it misses a faster harder song (as Sabbath Bloody Sabbath), and has one or two unnecessary songs.

                But my expectation had been 5/10, because I didn't think Ozzy could pull it! And he did, brilliantly. This is the best Black Sabbath album with Ozzy since SBS, by very far. Pure classic Sabbath.


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                  Finally managed to do a full review of the album!

                  13, The new beginning or is the God of doom metal dead?

                  One of the most anticipated albums in the metal world for decades is finally here, Black Sabbath, featuring Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Ozzy Osbourne released an album called 13. This marks the first time these three have done an album together since 1978 and the incredibly awful and ironically named Never Say Die. However one thing needs to be said right on top, this is NOT an original Black Sabbath reunion since drummer Bill Ward opted out of the making of the album due to…well…for reasons known to very few. Everything from unability to play to unsignable contract have been thrown out there. The truth…who knows. The remaining members and producer Rick Rubin brought in a drummer from funky-metal band Rage Against The Machine mr. Brad Wilk who actually does a much better job than I could have ever dreamed after listening few rather unlistenable songs from that god-awful band. He does have a nice groove in his playing and eventhough most of his drumming is pretty straight forward he does add few little things to make the playing more interesting. Think of Vinny Appice when he plays live. A good choice for the band I would say, surely a hell of a lot better than Tommy “I’ll just bang those drums really hard without any purpose and with stupid hand gestures” Clufetos. Sadly the latter will be touring with the band instead of mr. Wilk. But regardless of all that this is still Black Sabbath and you can hear that from the first notes of the first song.

                  The album starts with a slow and doomy End Of The Beginning, very reminiscent of the title track of the band and the first album. This truly is a trip back to the old days. Musically that is, the lyrics couldn’t be farther from the song Black Sabbath. Speaking of lyrics, Geezer has really outdone himself with this one, with the subtle Doctor Who references and overall weirdness. This indeed houses some of Geezer’s finest work on the album. Also the solo section in the end is nothing short of magical! Tony truly shreds away…Overall this is THE best song of the album a really strong beginning of the end.

                  God Is Dead on the otherhand is probably one of the worst things band called Black Sabbath has ever released (under any lineup)…The intro is really cool and you wait for it to build up to something…and you wait…and you wait…and you wait…and then have a cup of coffee and wait some more, then after you’re fast asleep then it finally after way over 6 minutes finally starts going.
                  This truly is the epitome of an over long song. They could have easily cut about 5 minutes of it away and then it would have been close to a brilliant track. And just to add to the insult we’re talking about an almost 9 minute song and it doesn’t even have a proper guitar solo, just a 15 second doodle…a travesty to say the least. Also the lyrics are a real letdown, especially after the brilliance of the previous track. Ozzy’s vocals on this one have been rather overproduced as well, so it is rather certain they knew this was going to be the single. That also truly brings the song down…not to mention the title…good lord…the title.

                  Loner picks up the pace a little with a super groovy riff. Think of Voodoo from The Mob Rules and you get the idea. Without a doubt the best riff of the actual album. Lyrically this is about a solitary man, just as the title refers. Thematically very similar to several songs Ronnie James Dio wrote, about loneliness, like Lonely Is The Word and Follow The Tears among many others. Lyrically however this is overly simplistic, which makes me believe this might actually be Ozzy’s work, but that being said, the overly simplistic lyrics actually work very well in the song. This is one of the best tracks of the album, for sure.

                  Zeitgeist then again is nothing but a remake of the classic slow number Planet Caravan from Paranoid album. Intentionally for sure, but still totally pointless. Not an original thought in the whole song…there’s nothing wrong with paying some tribute to the old days, like they did with End Of The Beginning but this is just self plagiarism of the worst kind. The only thing different is that Ozzy sings in his normal register instead of the low one he used in the “original”…without a doubt this is the most futile song of the album.

                  Age Of Reason was hyped a lot after the private listening party of the album as the best track and a classic Sabbath number. Well…it doesn’t quite live up to that, but it is still a very strong track. Ozzy’s vocal melody is bit off at times, but Geezer’s lyrics are top notch again…very contemporary, bit like War Pigs was back in the day…actually even the song structure is similar. This houses what I believe to be the best guitar solo of the album. A true masterpiece from Tony, proving that he truly is one of a kind. This song was a grower, I didn’t like it much at first, but now it has risen up a bit…eventhough the intro riff leaves a lot to be desired…can’t really call it heavy, now can we?

                  Live Forever is actually the only fast rocker of the actual album, which is a real shame, because this isn’t a very good track either. Quite forgettable truth be told. Lyrically over simplistic again and the riffing is rather bland too, which is a travesty, since Tony has come up with some amazing fast rocker riffs as well in the past….to many to start listing actually.

                  Damaged Soul was described as satanic blues…what ever that means. It does have some clear bluesy moments though. Regardless of what to call it, Damaged Soul still is a very good track. Suffers a bit from the cardinal sin of this album, being bit overlong for it’s own good…as this is already the 4th out of 7 songs to clock over 7 minutes! Length aside there is some brilliant musicianship on this one and the groovy intro is nothing short of amazing. Ozzy’s vocals however seem to be bit over produced and polished on this one too, just like on God Is Dead. There is some similarities again with this song and Hand Of Doom. There is also some harmonica present, and who the actual player of it has been put to question. Truth of the matter might never be revealed. Lyrically this is very good, even if it has the very silly line “I don’t mind dying, cause I’m already dead.” Tony’s soloing on this one is again absolutely amazing to say the least.

                  Dear Father is the somewhat clicheish child molestation song. One might think been there done that many times by many bands. Very true. But still this is Black Sabbath so surely they bring something new and special to the table. Which they sort of do. This is about the catholic priest molestation scandals. Very dark subject, kind of perfect for Black Sabbath, I’d say. The intro riff is one of the best ones on the album, truly heavy and dark. Lyrically Geezer’s on the money again. This again being a song that clocks over 7 minute, making the total 5 out 8 songs to reach that mark, which is a lot, one might think it’s overlong especially considering it doesn’t have a proper guitar solo either, but this works actually really well due to the well timed tempo change. This is one of those songs that really screams Black Sabbath. A very strong way to end the album, and just as if that wouldn’t be enough, this actually leads into a strom and church bells outro…which ties it together with the beginning of the very first track of the very first Black Sabbath album entitled, well….Black Sabbath.

                  The to the bonus tracks. 4 of them has been released as of now. 3 on the Deluxe Edition of the album and one as a Best Buy exclusive.

                  Methademic is the first one and it’s a true fast rocker with an amazing riff and a really cool soft intro. This song would have been the perfect album opener! Geezer’s bassline is also nothing short of brilliant. Lyrically this is about using methamphetamine, and the lyrics are written by Ozzy so I’m sure he knows what he’s talking about! The lyrics are bit simplistic and straight to the matter type, which isn’t really a bad thing considering the theme, there are some truly silly lines as well, but also some golden ones.

                  Peace Of Mind is the shortest of all the songs just clocking at 3:40 but the weird part is that it’s not a fast rocker, instead a midtempo song. Which is kind of un-Sabbathy, but in a cool way. And again the riff is a killer…the vocal melody, not so much. Still a very cool little track.

                  Pariah is yet another faster one with a stellar riffing from the master…eventhough it starts off softly and slowly…before exploding into another groovier riff…and then slowing again a bit for the verse. Some interesting lyrics as well…”Ain’t no messiah, just your pariah” which leaves some room for interpretation, now doesn’t it.

                  Naivete In Black is named the way it’s named because back in the day a lot people thought N.I.B was an acronym of the words Nativity In Black which ofcourse it wasn’t. I am confortable to as far as to say this has THE best riff of the album. This surely should have made it to the album instead of Zeitgeist or Live Forever. A truly heavy fast rocker! Ozzy’s vocals on this one are stellar as well, proving he can still sing fast too, sadly same can't be said about the vocal melody, which is bit all over the place!

                  Overall the album is a bit of a mixed bag of goodies and some doodoos. Two songs that never should have been released, God Is Dead and Zeitgeist, and some golden ones, true instant Sabbath classics like End Of The Beginning, The Loner, Dear Father and Naivete In Black…Age Of Reason is very close of being on this list.
                  The biggest gripe with the album is the fact that there just isn’t enough heavy, iconic, catchy riffing present. Lot of the song are almost overly complex for their own good. Leaving the feel that the guys have tried bit too much. Second big thing to mention is the production. Rick Rubin has always been a strong advocate of compression, which is very prominent here as well…which truly bring the audio side of the album down a lot…he isn’t called Ruin-Rubin for nothing.
                  The running order could have been thought of bit more as well…to start the album with two over 8 minute songs is a very bad choice. It’s clear they wanted to capture the feel of the first album and that’s why they started it with End Of The Beginning, which is okay (eventhough I think Methademic would have been the perfect opener) but God Is Dead as a second is just an awful choice, even if the song would have been better, still wouldn’t have worked to have two such long songs in the beginning.

                  So I suppose the final and biggest question is: Is Black Sabbath back? The answer is yes, it is. But then again it was back already few years ago just under a different name.
                  I had a lot of fears about this album, Ozzy’s desire to constantly use autotune being the main one, luckily that didn’t happen and his vocals (part from couple of instances) are quite raw and very good I might add…best he has sounded in 20 years. His vocal melodies on the other hand aren't among his best work... But the one thing I never in my darkest dreams could have feared that there wouldn’t be enough awesome riffing, which sadly happened and it was like a punch to the gut.
                  Still this is a solid effort, not a masterpiece by any means, but it proves that there still is magic left in Tony, Geezer and Ozzy. If this remains as their swan song, I’ll be more than satisfied with that. Especially after all the chart success. Better to end on a high note than slowly fade away.

                  * * *

                  For the purpose of this poll that translates into a strong 7.
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                    Originally posted by Soul Sucker View Post

                    'God Is Dead?' sticks out like a sore thumb. It's decent enough, but it pales in comparison to the other songs on 13 -- it should have been left off the album. Aside from that, I only have two nitpicks: the intro to 'Live Forever' doesn't quite work and 'Dear Father' sounds like it's building up to something epic, but at 4:48 it comes to a halt. A guitar solo should have followed the line "...for all the lives that you tore apart"; instead though, Tony plays a generic riff.

                    Overall, I'm very impressed with the album. For the most part, it is as good as I was hoping it would be and if this is the last album they make, they have ended their careers on a high note.
                    Couldn't disagree more. GID? is in my top 3 of the album....GID, METH and EOTB

                    I give the album an 8 out of 10, deducting points for: 1. No memorable Riffing 2. Ozzy's lack of high-notes or energy, though sometimes this actually works in the album's favor.

                    8.5 would be more accurate. I liken this album to Volume 4 and Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. Great albums but not a lot on them that I listen to aside from a few tracks.
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                      Well after three weeks of listening to little else I finally decided on my vote ... 8/10.
                      My name is Lucifer please take my hand.


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                        Originally posted by deranged View Post
                        I gave it a 10 even though I have only heard it once in its entirety so far. Gave me goosebumps. The 4 bonus tracks kick ass also.
                        which 4 bonus tracks? Mine deluxe edition has only 3 bonus tracks: methademic, peace of mind and Pariah?

                        Which is the fourth bonus track??


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                          Originally posted by lord71 View Post
                          which 4 bonus tracks? Mine deluxe edition has only 3 bonus tracks: methademic, peace of mind and Pariah?

                          Which is the fourth bonus track??
                          Some exclusive editions also have Naivete in Black which you can check out on YouTube
                          My name is Lucifer please take my hand.


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                            Originally posted by KiloDeltaCharlie View Post
                            Well after three weeks of listening to little else I finally decided on my vote ... 8/10.
                            I gave it a 9/10. Would have gone for the full 10 had their been some hot chic in a tight black leather cat suit inside the booklet.


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                              Originally posted by -E5150 StarWanderer- View Post
                              I concur, the intro riff of Live Forever sounds messy and seems like it's going nowhere. That groovy riff that kicks in after the intro is killer though!

                              And Dear Father definately need a solo, the mark Soul Sucker suggested would have worked as a great starting point for another face melting Iommi solo.
                              Dear Father is fast becoming my favorite track even without a solo. Probably the heaviest song on the CD. The riff is just "Pure Evil" which really makes me think of classic Black Sabbath. Oh... I gave it a 9!!!
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