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So I'm wearing my Sabbath T-shirt at the Grocery Store...

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    I used to have a satin bowling shirt type thing of "Sabotage"...photoreal rendition of album cover with buttons that had "Black Sabbath" on it.

    Used to get a LOT of comments on that!


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      Originally posted by OZZYIRONMAN View Post
      Same happened to me. Asked the guy how he's liking the new album and he said hadn't heard it yet because he's"old school"
      yeah but if Bill isn't in the band . . .
      (stirs up all that s**t again)


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        You all are lucky in that you can actually fit into Sabbath T-shirts! I would really like the one that has the cover of The Devil You Know on it, across the whole shirt, as I love that particular album and that particular shirt. Unfortunately I have issues fitting into most T-shirts now, as I'm both large in diameter and long in the torso. Shirts that don't end up too tight after I wash them almost invariably end up too short and won't reach the waistline of my jeans. Granted, I've gained a lot of weight in recent years due both to a sedentary lifestyle and medication side effects, but even when I was thin it annoyed me when my concert tees would shrink upward, revealing my stomach when I stretched. At least you don't have to be thin to enjoy the music!

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