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Am I going insane?

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  • Am I going insane?

    You all know the end of Am I Going Insane? when weird laughts and insane yelling leaves us with the fantastic The Writ.
    What does this means to you?
    Where did they get those funny laughts?
    The transition from an insane pop song to the deepest and most desolate song they probably done, where Ozzy fights back like a devil.

    Just wanted to say in my poor english that this particular moment still gives me the creeps like nothing else.

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    I always imagine being inside an asylum w/ the screams and the soothing bass lulls me into a dream where I can get replenished and refocused then the music jolts and I have the confidence, energy, clarity, and power to express The Writ. P.S. See my signature below. BEST Sabbath song EVER!
    "Too many people advising me, but they don't know what my eyes see." ~ The Writ


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      Going nuts, loosing it all....falling in a freaking nightmare. Then touching the buttom of the pool and fighting back like Hell.


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        Originally posted by explosetoi View Post
        Where did they get those funny laughts?
        Pretty sure that is all taken from the band; sped up, slowed down, etc.

        My guess is that the fast one is Ozzy, the slow one is Tony, and the super crazy scream that fades is Geezer. Not sure about Bill.
        "It is not opinion that Ozzy peaked on Sabotage, it is a measurable fact."


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          The screaming is Ozzy's son Louis flanged and slowed down. There was a thread on the subject here earlier, but it appears to have disappeared...
          95% of everything i say is pure bullshit just for the fun of it. The other 95% is damn serious!
          Til įrs ok frišar ok forn sišr


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            Put am i going insane then zeitgeist together on a playlist. The transition sounds natural