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  • 8-Track / Cassettes.

    With all the re-releases of the Ozzy era albums on vinyl would anyone here be surprised if they also did it on 8-track and cassette tapes? HAHAHA. While they're at it they can re-release the Never Say Die concert film on 16mm reel to reels! HAHAHA
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    I've actually got Black Sabbath and Sabotage on vinyl, 8-track, cassette, and cd. I'm only missing the reel-to-reel format for each. I've still got an 8-track player in my basement somewhere.
    Gotta love the fade out, then the channel "click", then the fade up on the 8-track during the song. Once in a while, I remember where the "click" was when listening...must be a good-old fashioned acid flashback... Hehe.


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      My son is in a local band and he said that cassettes are making a comeback. I honestly don't know why, but apparently people are asking for them at shows.
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        yeah that would be sweet ,to see the decade film,in it's full show form. since we are dreaming how about hammersmith odeon '77 show they filmed-les martin told me was filmed (RR-DOC/ITS ALRIGHT VIDS) filmed in afternoon.


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          Mikes Line~where have you been? I miss your artwork on fb. Dodgers looking great. Don Mattingly on PTI yesterday. Bring back the 'stache? Nope.
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