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  • Megalomania live

    This was the first track of sabotage, being played live in 72 (Odeon Theatre, Birmingham, England), on youtube I was only able to find the version of 74. It is fantastic to see the ozzy singing what comes into your head and creating the vocal melody, tony and geezer in an incredible synchrony and bill trounce the drums .... Amazing
    Just remeber love is life and hate is living dead
    Treat your life for what it's worth and live for every breath
    Looking back I've lived and learned, but now I'm wondering
    Here I wait and only guess what the next life will bring
    Ha Ha!!!!

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    Yeah man!, it's on past lives deluxe edition too bud
    Vote leave if u want totally cool either way


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      Yeah i knew you had it wrong,during australian tour '74 they played 1/2 of the song ,different lyrics,you probably got confused with after forever w/diff lyrics they played at birmingham '72 show


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        This is quite a gem! It's interesting to see how many pieces of the Megalomania song structure were already in place.

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        Originally posted by Spiralarchitectx1 View Post
        Yeah man!, it's on past lives deluxe edition too bud
        No, Past Lives includes a live version of the finalized Megalomania from '75. This is an early embryonic version.


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          In any case it's 74 not 72. Totally different Iommi playing style and also in line with how they jammed stuff live that would evolve into songs on the next album.

          Super animation, turning on a nation
          And they’re saying all moving parts stand still