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#1 Album And Only One Single Released?!

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    Originally posted by Charger View Post
    EP would be great. It would most certainly be worth the money...

    BUT it won't be big enough cash grab so I'm pretty damn sure they'll release the full album with a bonus disc featuring those unreleased songs...that way can charge full price (or maybe even bit more) of the album again...and force hardcore fans to buy it again...sad but I fear it's the truth...
    I'll buy it regardless.
    "Without Black Sabbath there never would have been an Ozzy, and without Ozzy there never would have been a Black Sabbath"
    "If there ever was a band whose voice is so significant and distinct, that band is Black Sabbath and the voice is Ozzy Osbourne"
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      Originally posted by Billy Underdog View Post
      In that case i won't have any moral issues with downloading them. Just like with NIB II...
      Yeah...I'm starting to feel the same way...and this is from a strong opposer of illegal downloading...but I oppose shameless cash grabs even more!


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        Some info for you all from "the listen" , first half pertains to your convo over here.... God Bless

        Originally posted by BACK TO EDEN View Post
        AGAIN , if that gentleman really wanted to get it correct , instead of being lost at sea , he would just change the titles of 8th star , iommi , dep , fused , tdyk and whocares to say BLACK SABBATH , since of course a one DAY old , knows with out a shadow of a doubt its BLACK friggin SABBATH!!!! ...just sayin


        1) UNRELEASED TRACKS , many different options on the table right now , "ISOLATED MAN" has a chance of being released with some live tracks prior to Christmas..

        -a chance of an 8 track disc for full pop , with isolated man , season of the dead , cry all night , and hanging by a thread (or under different titles) ...along with NIB2 , age of reason live , and another live track! ..early next year

        -a chance for ONE of 3 different full 16 track DOUBLE ALBUMS... I hope one of these is the case , for with out doubt , no matter how you mix it up 13 IS a double album like NIGHT CASTLE , THE WALL , THE WHITE ALBUM , PHYSICAL GRAFFITI , etc... JUST BETTEER!!!

        A) the 12 track disc in the order it is now , with the remaining 4 added to the 2nd disc as tracks 5 , 6, 7, and 8..

        B) disc one as is now , with disc 2 having the remaining 4 tracks intertwined within the 4 tracks already there , making a completely different flowing 2nd disc... very kool!!!

        C) disc one opening with EOTB , disc two ending with DEAR FATHER and rain , the remaining 14 tracks intertwined amongst each other , making an entirely different flowing double album.... by far the best idea!!!! .....for release in 2014!

        ...guess we will see , very exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!

        NEW LIVE ALBUM , no reason to complain , at least were getting some more Sabbath , and at least it has 4 of the 5 tracks they did live off of 13!!! ...I can't wait for the cd , had a sneak peak and it sounds very good , and very natural thus far!!!

        POSSIBLE LIVE BOX , also got info that a live box of the entire ozzy era , tours from all ten studio releases , the first 8 , reunion , and 13 ...along with some pre debut live material .... as a cd / dvd / blueray set is being talked about for a possible release prior to Christmas 2014!!! ...or early 2015!!! ...very kool if happens!!

        I am almost lost for words at how some are still not entirely blown away by "13" , the album is as good as or better then 5 of the first 8 , and songs like ZEITGEIST and DAMAGE SOUL make this album BRILLIANT!!! ....and then when you start taking into consideration EOTB , DEAR FATHER , AGE OF REASON and PARIAH ...13 is nothing short of EPIC!!!! ...IOMMI who IS Sabbath has now pulled off brilliance 27 times!!!! ...age is making him even better!!! .....13 as good as it gets!!!

        GREAT INFO , thank you for posting that hear!!!! told me this one time on the phone!! will love the new live album!!!! trust me!! a lot of chaps enjoying your band!!

        got your PM , you are always a class act!!! AXE , NID have been CHAMPS!!! ....ya no doubt there is 5 true era's of Sabbath , no way around that!! HA JUST SAW YOUR "LETS DANCE WITH THE DEVIL!!!!!!!!!!!"

        keep enjoying!!!! ...there is ONE black Sabbath and he goes by the name of TONY IOMMI , and his band spans over 45 amazing years!!

        He is nothing short of brilliant... listen to his solo in AGE OF REASON!!!

        well that is news in and of itself , and I don't think you will let it be too boring for too long!!!!!

        JOE IS SO Appreciative , that I feel for sure , thank you for taking the time to show him your love for this site!!! ...and so glad to see you on the forums again NID!!! ...and that is great what you and your wife are doing!!

        WELL THANK YOU!!!! ...hope your loving that double boot with the ZEITGEIST fade away!!!

        JESUS BLESS ALL!!!


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          They should release another 2 singles and on each one have 2 of the unreleased tracks from 13 as the b sides,

          B-sides to singles should always be tracks unreleased on albums like the good old days, not crappy re-mixes of the single.

          Loner and age of reason
          Vote leave if u want totally cool either way


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            Originally posted by BACK TO EDEN View Post
            Some info for you all from "the listen" , first half pertains to your convo over here.... God Bless
            Makes me want to wait and see what else comes out.
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