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Any graphic arists in here?

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  • Any graphic arists in here?

    To recreate this graphic as an eps file how complicated would it be? The Henry logo is already available as an eps, it would just need to be flipped.

    I know a little photoshop. I'd love to get this printed on a t-shirt.

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    There's a store in Vancouver that you can take any image to and they will do the graphic. The price is really fair, I'm told, and the turn around time is fast. They will produce the graphic from a picture. There must be something similar in TO.
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      Inkscape may be able to convert it automatically, if you can find a good quality raster version of it.
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        Thanks Daark and and NID. I'll weigh my options


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          Not difficult. The complicated parts are Henry and the band logo and those can be found in hi-res online, making them easy to vectorize. The rest of it is just lines and a gradient. Very easy to recreate.


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            i'm getting a guy I know to recreate this graphic. We've discovered Henry is slightly different on this. Getting it silk screened on a t-shirt.

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              Aye, I'll have one. As long as it's not a thousand bucks, the import tax would kill me.